Kids Being Back to School Is Perfect for Your Weight Loss Efforts

The kids went back to school here in Canada yesterday. With it being Monkey’s first day, I didn’t quite do everything that I wanted. We sort of had a morning of getting grocery shopping done and enjoying the time with just Peanut.

This second day is the chance for us to get back on track.

In fact, the kids being back to school is perfect for your weight loss journey. This is the time to focus and get back on track, and here’s why.

You Get Your Routine Back

Having the kids at home all the time is hard. The summer is full of “mom, can we do this?” or “dad, I’m bored.” It’s a time for treats, snacks and lots of meals out.

At least, it always seems like that, doesn’t it?

When the kids are at school, there’s a routine. You get up for breakfast, have a strict day of work with your lunches and snacks planned out, and then your dinner is organized to make sure the kids get a good night’s sleep.

Okay, so it doesn’t always work out how you’d like but there is a general routine. It’s a lot easier than when the kids aren’t at school. You can be more focused on your weight loss journey.

There’s Stuff to Work Towards Again

You likely had weight loss goals that involved the summer. You wanted to be beach ready, so you dieted hard to make sure you got to that goal.

Once the summer got here, you were done. What’s the point? You had no weight loss goals to work towards.

The kids going back to school marks more stuff to work towards. You have Thanksgiving and Christmas to aim towards. There’s lots of different family events, holidays, and parties to think about. You want to be in that little black dress for the work Christmas night out, or you need to look just right for your Halloween costume at the family party.

Kids going back to school help you realize that you don’t have long left to get your figure back!

Meals Are More Filling

Many people have the misconception that it’s harder to lose weight in the fall and winter. You just want to curl up and eat junk.

Well, that’s not really the case. The kids going back to school mark the time that the temperatures drop—although you wouldn’t believe it if you were here in Sarnia.

Cooler weather means hot meals. You’re more likely to opt for soups, stews, and other filling meals. You just need to watch your portion sizes, but they tend to have more proteins and fiber. You’ll end up enjoying your meals more, feeling fuller, and eating fewer calories.

You may also cut down on the amount of alcohol you drink. There’s just something about coming home from a day at work in the heat and reaching for a cold can of beer. When you get to the cooler weather, you’re more likely to reach for hot chocolate, green tea or decaf coffee to end the night to make you feel warm inside.

So, the kids being back at school is a good time for your weight loss journey. It’s the perfect chance to focus on your weight loss efforts and get back on track.


  1. The change in the kid's routine is a huge factor when it comes to eating healthy.

  2. Some good advice. The obesity epidemic for kids in our country is rampant and it means families need to shift their priorities and make healthy eating part of their family lifestyle. An informative article. Well done.


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