Weight Loss Mentality: Why You Need to Be in the Right Frame of Mind

Weight loss is more than following a diet and exercise plan. You need to be in the right mentality to successful lose weight.

Think about when you’ve had a bad week. If you have a weight loss mentality, you’ll find it much easier to get back on the wagon and focus on your efforts. If you’re not in that frame of mind, you’ll likely blow it all.

And it’s more than just being in the right mind frame to stay on track. Here’s why you need to be in that right frame of mind.

You Stop Making Excuses

When you have that right mindset, you’ll be focused on the plan. You’ll stop making excuses for not doing things.

There are so many excuses that we tend to make. There’s a birthday coming up, the weather’s too cold to go running, or it costs too much to eat healthily (actually, moving to Canada I do realize that it is A LOT more expensive to eat healthily but that’s not the point).

We come up with so many different excuses, but we really need to stop. When we have the right weight loss mentality, we’ll brush off the reasons. We’ll find reasons why we can do stuff.

So, it’s snowing outside and we can’t go running, we’ll find a gym or do some indoor workouts. So, it costs too much for the leaner cuts of meal. We’ll have smaller cuts of the not-so-good stuff and bulk out with vegetables. No-one wants to walk with us, we’ll put in the ear phones and enjoy our music while we walk.

There are always ways around the problems and being in the right mind frame helps us.

We Set Our Weight Loss Goals

When you’re not in the right frame of mind, you run the risk of setting this one big goal. You know where you want to get to, but that can seem so far away.

You’re setting yourself up to fail.

Getting in the right mind frame allows you to be more honest with yourself. Sure, you still have that big goal, but you have smaller weight loss goals to work towards. You focus on the journey as a whole and it stops becoming a race.

Hell, you may even decide like me that your goals aren’t really what the figures say. You may be in the right frame of mind to listen to your body and use feelings and looks.

You Find It Easier to Say ‘Not Right Now’

A friend asks you to go for coffee. While there, the cakes are so enticing and that’s all you want. If you’re in the wrong weight loss mentality, you will likely be upset that you can’t have it. You resent your diet and you end up blowing it.

If you don’t have the cake then, you end up pigging out on bad stuff afterwards. All because you didn’t use the right phrase.

“Not right now,” is the thing you want to say to yourself. In the right mentality, you know that you can have it all. You just know that you need it in moderation. Finding that balance is much easier.

You Do It for You

How many times have you lost weight for someone else? You’ve had a friend or family member tell you you’re fat, so you’ve lost weight for them?

I’ve done it and I know plenty of others have too. I wasn’t in the right frame because I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons. It wasn’t my journey, but one that someone else wanted me to be on.

It took me a long time to learn that. Now it’s no longer about others. That’s why I’ve decided that I don’t care what the scales say…well, not as much as they used to. I’m more interested in how my clothes fit.

Moods affect our abilities to lose weight. When we get in the right weight loss mentality, we’ll find success—we’ll even see success in the small things. Are you in the right mentality? Are you ready to join me on this weight loss journey?


  1. The greatest threat to keeping a healthy lifestyle is ourselves. In the end we choose to be healthy...or not

  2. I find it hard to with having any support. As I have issues walking very far. I do simple exercises around the house and watch what I eat.


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