Getting Back on the Weight Loss Wagon After a Holiday Weekend

It was a holiday weekend here in Canada (and in the United States), so we decided to have one last vacation. The Monkey is back in school today, so it’s time to really get back on the weight loss wagon.

Sometimes after holidays, vacations and even just holiday weekends it can be difficult. We struggle to get our minds back in gear, ready for the journey ahead. I’ve shared some tips in the past, but here’s why I’ve done so far today to help get back in the weight loss mindset, ready for the rest of the month.

Started the Day With Fruit

Okay, so I didn’t just start the day with it, but I made sure I had some fruit. It just happened that the breakfast I got came with fruit.

Starting your day with something health is a great way to get yourself in the mindset. Fruit’s awesome because it’s so refreshing. I happened to have watermelon, but you can get the same feeling from so many other options.

It’s also worth starting your day with a glass of water. I didn’t do that this morning, but I’ve had one since and I’ll be starting the rest of my mornings with a glass of water.

Get Focused on the Grocery Shop

We needed food in the house. We usually do the shop on a Thursday or Friday, but decided against it with the holiday weekend. Instead, we’ve done it this morning to get it out of the way and make sure we have the right food in the fridge.

Try starting your first day (or do it as soon as you return from a holiday weekend) with a grocery shop. You can make a list of all the food you need to have healthy and balanced meals and snacks throughout the week.

There are always certain items on our grocery list. We’ll have at least two types of fruit, the usual salad vegetables, and some milk and eggs. We tend to make our own bread now, so that gets left off the list. Tuna, sweetcorn and mayo are must-haves in this house! All of these are affordable and we can easily put things together for lunches during the day.

Get focused on this and avoid the junk food. You really don’t need it—honestly, you don’t. After a couple of weeks of not having it in the house, you’ll forget all about your late night treats. I am genuinely being honest about this. I never thought I could survive without some sort of snack in the house, but I love fruit during the day now. We make our own ice cream (and I’ll share that this month with you).

Get Your Exercise Plan in Place

I definitely recommend having an exercise plan in place. I have a rough one, as I shared earlier this month, but you can get as detailed as possible. I’m waiting to see how this week plays out to decide on a stricter exercise plan.

Getting that plan in place will make you feel better about being more active. When you get more active, you’ll want to do more. Really, you do!

You’ll also find that you lose more weight and tone up quicker. It’s the toning part that I love the most! My clothes start to fit properly!

So, are you ready to get yourself in the right mindset for the weight loss wagon? Get back on it after your holiday weekend and feel great about yourself by the end of the month.


  1. Yep, I spent most of the long weekend relaxing, sleeping late, and watching movies. I also skipped the treadmill 2 of the 3 days so I guess it is back to my exercise routine today.

    1. Every once in a while it's possibly good for us to take a step back and relax. We did the same with being cooped up in the car for 12 hours, pretty much, and then visiting family. We're back on it all now.

  2. Someone mentioned i have lost weight when they seen me. As i looked thinner. I told them it could be because the swelling in my stomach has gone down. As it varies with my stomach issues. I don't think I have lost weight. I want to though.

    1. We tend to put ourselves down or find a reason when someone gives us compliments. Just say thank you with a smile and try not to focus on why you may look thinner. You look it, and that's great. Plus, the scales don't tell the full picture. That's why I'm focusing on how clothes feel right now :)

  3. These are sensible tips - especially having an exercise plan. This helps set yhe mind to accomplish something.

    1. Thanks. yes, getting the mind set is the best way to accomplish anything.


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