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4 Tips for Managing the Halloween Treats

It’s October and Halloween is just around the corner. That means one thing: sweets!

You know that your house is going to be full of them for the trick or treaters you get to your door. It’s always hard to determine just how many you should have, but it doesn’t stop the chocolates and cakes from being tempting.
The good news is Halloween treats don’t have to ruin your weight loss efforts. You can manage them and even see a weight loss during this period.
Here are my four top tips for managing the Halloween treats this year.
Limit the Amount You Buy
Think about the amount of people you had at your door last year. Chances are—unless you moved!—the numbers will be about the same. So, buy your treats with those numbers in mind.
Be realistic. If you bought two bags last year and had a bag left over, you know you just need the one. If you had half a bag, you might still want to consider getting the two. Follow the rest of the Halloween weight loss tips to avoid problems afterwards.
Cutting bac…