How I’m Doing With the Current Weight Loss Efforts

It’s half way through the month, so I thought this would be a great time to give an update. This is a little unconventional compared to other weight loss journeys I’ve been on, since I haven’t been tracking my weight on the scales.

I’m going to split this into three sections, how I’ve done with:
  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Emotions

Sticking to a Diet

Mostly, I’ve stuck to the plans that I’ve made regarding food. I’m not one for making daily plans for the meals we’ll have, but I do make loose ones based on the food we take out of the freezer and what we’ll have for lunch.

We’ve been eating a lot of salads lately, especially for lunch. Salads are quick and easy, but also mean that I get excellent portions of fruit and vegetables.

We’ve eaten out or had takeout just five times over the last two weeks. That’s down from almost every day or every other day over the previous months. The only reason we ate out on one occasion was because it was a school BBQ, and I only have one small hotdog rather than going for seconds when they were offered. This BBQ was known about in advance and planned around.

It’s been much easier to cut back on the junk we eat. I have no more than a glass of wine on a night and I’ve only had a litre of pop. All the rest of the time I’ve had either coffee or water—and the coffee is just a cup a day on a morning to kick me awake!

Not Quite Exercising

I’ve not been doing the running or the tae kwon do that I’d hoped to do. In fact, we decided for me and Monkey not to do tae kwon do—partially due to finances and partially because right now Monkey isn’t quite focused enough to do it. We’re going to wait a year for it to give her a chance to get used to school and settle in a little more.

I have walked every day, though. Each morning I take Monkey to school and it is always on foot. My husband picks her up—again, always on foot.

Once things get a little more settled with work—I lost a client, so have had to make some changes very quickly—I will get into the bodyweight exercises more. I going to do a HIIT workout—and most likely the 30 Day Shred since we now get access to it all easily on the TV, so I can do it on our workout mat.

Feeling Better and Fitting in Clothes

Despite not getting in all the exercise that I want, I am feeling better in myself. There are days that I feel exhausted, but I think that’s more due to lack of sleep than anything else. What parent doesn’t suffer from a lack of sleep?

I’m starting to fit into clothes again. There are some that seem to be getting tighter, but they’re also getting shorter! I think they’re being shrunk in the wash!

I need to buy some clothes ready for the fall and winter, so will find out if this current plan has made any changes to my body shape and size.

I may not have lost any actual weight, but I feel great. That’s good enough for me right now as I reach the halfway mark of the 30 day challenge.

How are you doing with your weight loss goals? Share in the comments below good and bad and let me support you.


  1. I could do more when it comes to getting fit. I can make up excuses but it all blois down to my commitment to get fit.


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