How I Beat My Sugar Cravings

There are still days that I have sugar cravings. I don’t think they will ever completely go. But I have beat the majority of them. I don’t get them on a daily basis anymore and when I do get sugar cravings I find it much easier to push them to one side.

How did I beat my sugar cravings? It wasn’t too hard actually. Well, it wasn’t as hard as I expected. I did have to put some effort into it, but I didn’t feel as sad or annoyed that I was giving something up.

I’ve not switched to sweetener either. In fact, I prefer drinking full fat pop over diet forms (except Coke because I hate the furry feeling I get in my mouth from full fat Coke!) when I do decide to have them.

Making the decision to beat my sugar cravings was the first step. I needed to be proactive and committed to it. I made sure my husband knew that the diet change was coming and why. It helped that the Weight Watchers diet made a move to SmartPoints. I wanted to conserve my points and that meant not having the sugar on a daily basis.

At first I did find it hard. I went through some sugar withdrawals, which included headaches and serious cravings. But they only lasted for a couple of days. Once I got to the other side of the withdrawal symptoms, beating the sugar cravings was much easier.

I just had to really focus on the benefits of no—or little—sugar during the withdrawal periods. Cutting something out completely is not something I ever do. Instead, I allowed myself one Weight Watchers bar. It was up to me when I had it, but I could definitely only have one. I’d try to leave the bar to the end of the night.

But I didn’t completely beat my sugar cravings until I quit my job as a Weight Watchers leader. I didn’t have the chocolate bars in my store cupboard all the time. The chocolate wasn’t calling to me, so I found it much easier to say no.

By saying I was allowed one sugary treat a day, I managed to curb the cravings. My body knew that it was going to get it eventually. I’d also find ways to take my mind off the sugar calling, and opt for healthier snacks or a glass of water.

Now we don’t even have sweet stuff in the house, except fruit! If I want something sweet, I will usually go through the process of looking through the cupboards, realizing there is nothing, and then opting for a piece of fruit because it’s the only thing there. Oh, I tell a lie—there is also hot chocolate and I’ll sometimes opt for that at the end of the night. BUT I’ve found green tea is a great substitute. It’s something warm, refreshing, and unwinding all at the same time.

I know you can beat your sugar cravings, too. If you want to do it to live a healthier lifestyle, it’s time to take these steps:

  1. Make a commitment to beating your sugar cravings
  2. Make a plan of attack
  3. List the benefits of no sugar (or at least reducing sugar)
  4. Set your rule for the amount of sugar you’re allowed in a day
  5. Get rid of the sugar from your house as much as possible
  6. Find substitutes for your usual sugar fixes
  7. Have someone to support you through this

Are you ready to beat your sugar cravings? If you need support, remember I’m on Facebook.


  1. I don't think I'll ever be able to conquer my sugar addiction. I have successfully cut down a lot on my consumption of salt but sugar still has a good grip on me!


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