Do You Need to Look Back Over Your Weight Loss Goals?

It’s the middle of the month. This is the point where people start to fall off the wagon. They forget about their weight loss goals or may find that their goals are no longer relevant.

I’m a great believer that goals are the key to success. You may have found they haven’t helped in the past, but be honest with yourself. Have they not helped because you didn’t think they were worthwhile reaching or because you started making excuses?

If you don’t make goals, how do you know you’ve achieved something? How do you know when you’ve reached the end of your weight loss journey?

The truth is you don’t! You’re more likely to not even bother because you don’t have goals in the first place. But what about when those weight loss goals are no longer relevant? What about when your life takes a different direction?

Back in January, my weight loss goals involved the Weight Watchers diet. I wanted to get back to my pre-baby weight. Eight months later I have completely different goals. In fact, I have different goals than I did just a month or two ago!

Sometimes you need to look back over your goals. Make sure they’re relevant for your life now. If not, it just means you need to make a few changes. What are your reasons for losing weight now? What do you want to achieve from your efforts? How long are you going to give yourself?

I regularly review my weight loss goals. Right now the ones that I had at the start of the month are still relevant. I may change them at the start of October, depending on how I’ve done by the end of the month. I’m also thinking of more long-term goals—something to take me to Christmas/New Year.

Is it time to revisit your weight loss goals and make some changes?


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