What Is the Paleo Diet? Should You Follow It?

Over the last week or so, my husband and I have considered the paleo diet. We don’t like faddy diets, but this doesn’t look like on.

In fact, it looks extremely healthy and would fit in with the majority of food that we eat right now. I want to share the research I’ve done into the paleo diet and why I think it might be for us. It could be for you too!

It’s the Caveman Diet

You may have heard of the paleo diet referred to as the caveman diet. It’s gets the name because of the lifestyle this diet is based on.

In simple terms, you would eat anything a hunter-gatherer would have eaten. That means a lot of protein and fiber, but still some healthy fats and carbohydrates.

When I first read about the paleo diet a few years ago I pushed it to one side. It wasn’t for me. I could say that looking back it was a mistake, but my head wasn’t in the right zone.

The problem is I have a strong belief in everything in moderation. I love chocolate and cookies, and believe that in moderation they’re not going to do that much harm. Unfortunately, we don’t always have that ability to tell ourselves to stop! To stick to moderation!

When I first heard about the paleo diet I loved my cookies, cakes and chocolate too much to even consider cutting back a lot. It was at a time that Weight Watchers followed the propoints/points plus plan (depending on where you lived), where chocolate could be eaten in a day without meaning I’d lose too many points.

My opinions and mindset have changed considerably since the release of the smartpoints plan. I’ve started looking more at cutting back on cookies and chocolate.

In fact, since making a move across the other side of the Atlantic, I’ve found cutting out chocolate, crisps and cookies so much easier! Yes, I was surprised, too considering the obesity crisis there is over here. But we’re focused on buying healthy food and I have no chocolate or sweet stuff in the house tempting me. Being a Weight Watchers leader made it so difficult to say not to the sweets.

Could the Paleo Diet Work?

There are plenty of people who say the paleo diet is good for them. I’m certain that they’re not lying, considering the focus on protein and fiber.

I’ve found The Paleo Diet website and will be following it over the next few weeks. I want to do a lot more research before we make a complete overhaul on our diet. Being completely informed is so important to me.

The Paleo Diet does has a simple page for what you can and can’t eat while following it. This is a great starting point.

The Busy Women’s Guide to Paleo also has some great reviews and is affordable. It’s available on the Kindle only, but you can download free Kindle apps to your smartphone to read it. I have a Kindle app, where I regularly have books. I’ve downloaded this one now and will be checking it out in full.

What do you think? Could the Paleo diet be for you? Maybe you already follow it and want to share it. Feel free to share in the comments below.


  1. I too have read about this and I know a few people that are on it, some not for weight loss but just healthy eating. I need to rethink this diet for hubby and me.

    1. I've heard about it because of health and not just weight loss, too. It's made me think more about it and was one of the reasons I suggested it to my hubby. Because I'm not as reliant on sugar now, I think I'm more open to following it.

  2. Definitely a responsible diet plan that works. It is very much a lifestyle change.


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