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Weekly Weight Loss Weeks 34 and 35

Despite being on holiday, I lost a pound over the last two weeks. I have decided to move these posts onto Bubblews and you can read all about my weekly weight loss here:

Check it out and let me know how you did over the last two weeks. While I'll write the majority of my post there, I will keep adding a link here once it is up so you can all read and follow.

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Weekly Weight Loss Week 33

This week I lost a pound!

I actually thought I'd only lost 1/2lb but realised that after jumping on the scales, my iPhone was in my pocket -- yes the iPhone weighs 1/2lb!

I simply tracked everything I ate and did more activity this week. Weight Watchers really does work as long as you stick to it.

I'm still tracking now and we have a delicious prawn salad this evening. The next week or two are going to be hard. I'm going away tomorrow (there won't be my usually Fitness Friday post) and won't be back until next Friday. Going away is always hard for my weight loss so we will see.

How are you doing? Hope you're seeing the results that you want!

Weekly Weight Loss Week 32

This week I...

Gained half a pound.

I'm disappointed but I'm not completely surprised. I've found it so hard lately to stick to my pro points allowance! I constantly feel hungry and I think that has something to do with the raspberry ketones.

I think I would have been alright until we went to the in-laws for the weekend. While I did walk around lots (I earned 5 activity pro points in one day, which is more than normal), I ate too much food. We had a takeaway on the Friday night and then a BBQ on the Saturday and I didn't track properly until afterwards.

Never mind. This week I'm back on track. I've already used up my weekly pro point allowance but that's fine. I'll just have to be good from now until Tuesday. It's possible!

I'm earning a few activity pro points. The sun is shining and I'm getting out with Kathryn as much as possible.

I would like to hit my next half pound milestone by the end of the month. I have 6lbs to go and then I will …

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