Why Eating Fruit and Vegetables Isn’t Enough to Lose Weight

I received a message yesterday from someone looking for some weight loss support. She mentioned that she was eating lots of fruit and vegetables but still not losing weight.

Okay, well, eating fruit and vegetables isn’t enough to lose weight. Yes, really!

While eating fruit and vegetables can help—it certainly gets you your nutrients—it isn’t going to give you everything your body needs. In fact, too many fruit and vegetables can lead to weight gain.

And you need to look at all the other stuff you’re eating! Be honest with yourself.

So, let’s look at this in stages…

Eating too much of a good thing is bad

Yes, you really can eat too much of a good thing. Want to know why? Because you run the risk of not getting a balanced diet.

While you get your fibre and nutrients from fruit and vegetables, you need to get carbohydrates, protein, and some fats.

Yes, your body needs fat!

By the way, fruit is full of natural sugar. While it’s not as bad for you as refined sugar, eating too much of it can lead to your blood sugar levels rising, an inflammatory response, and weight gain. Eating too much fibre can also lead to bloating, gassiness, inflammation and constipation.

You need to look at the rest of your meals

Okay, so you’re getting healthy amounts of fruit and vegetables. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly start to lose weight.

You need to look at all the other meals you’re having.

Be honest with yourself. How much meat do you eat? What about your portions of pasta, potatoes, and rice? How about your levels of chocolate, cakes, cookies, and all the rest?

Fruit and vegetables aren’t the only thing you eat in a day. If the rest of your diet is full of fatty foods or you’re constantly going over your recommended calories, you’re not going to lose weight! You’re going to gain it. It really is as simple as that!

Your whole diet need to be changed. In fact your whole lifestyle needs to change, which brings me to the last point.

You need to think about exercise

Yes, we all hate hearing that word, but it’s important. If you don’t move more, you’re going to find it harder to lose weight.

It really doesn’t matter how healthy your diet is!

Exercise will not just help you burn more calories, but will help you build muscle. With more muscle, you’ll find your body is more efficient at burning calories throughout the day. You can burn more in your sleep!

If you’re eating fruit and veggies but not getting any exercise, why do you really think you’ll lose weight?

Be honest with yourself and stop chasing the “miracle weight loss cures.” They don’t exist. Eating fruit and vegetables isn’t enough to lose weight. You need to do so much more!

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  1. As someone who enjoys all the wrong foods (a typical Scot!) but also does a fair amount of exercise in the form of hillwalking and camping I am happy to say that I have never had a problem with my weight but with advancing years meaning that I can't do was much exercise as I used to I must admit that it is beginning to creep up a little. Need to watch that!

    1. It's so easily done when we step back and forget that our bodies can't handle the same.

  2. I struggle with weight loss. I try to eat a balance diet. I know it is not enough to loose weight.

  3. Exactly! I am a little overweight, just about 20 pounds that I put on when I stopped smoking way a long time ago but if I did not walk daily I would be seriously overweight. Add more water when exercising in the hot weather.

    1. Yup, there's so much that goes into losing weight. I wish it was just eating more fruit and veg ;)


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