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Tips to Curb Boredom Eating


Weekly Weight Loss - Week 5

This week I jumped on the scales and found that I lost 1lb! That I can definitely be happy with since a usual weight loss on Weight Watchers is between 1lb and 2lbs. So, what did I do this week?

I Stuck to Last Week's Plan

The truth is that I didn't do anything different, really. I stuck to the same plan this week as I did last week. The only difference, maybe, is less exercise. The weather has been shocking the past week and there was no way that I was taking my daughter out in the pram. We pretty much drove everywhere to make sure she stayed snuggley and warm. If it was just me then I'd happily walk in the cold, wet and windy weather.

I Still had Takeaways

We still had a takeaway on a couple of occasions. I just made sure that I pointed them so that I would lose weight. I may have slightly overdone the takeaways this week though as I hit very close to 0 on my weekly propoints before the weekend! If I did overdo it then I knew that I could gain some propoints back by doing …

Weight Training for Weight Loss


Weight Loss Week 4

My fourth week on Weight Watchers and I managed to lose 2.5lbs. That was a big surprise when I jumped on the scales as, by the end of last week, I would have been happy to stay the same! This 2.5lb weight loss has taken my total weight loss to 8lbs so far and meant that I received my first Silver 7 - my first target. I am now just 2.5lbs away from my 5% goal, which I should gain over the next two weeks.

What Did I Do Differently?

Surprisingly, this week I ate a lot more than the week before. I used up almost all my pro-points - I ended up with 9 weekly pro-points left by the end of the week! This was a major change to the week before, when I hardly touched my weekly pro-points. It showed to me that maybe eating the whole amount isn't so bad after all!

I also allowed myself to have takeaways and chocolate. I had an Indian takeaway, a McDonalds and a Subway within the week. I tracked everything that I ate to make sure that I didn't go over my points.

What About Exercise?


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Weight Loss Week 3

This week I lost 1/2lb. This wasn't anywhere near what I wanted but as my Weight Watchers leader said - it's still a loss. At least the weight is coming off. What do you do when you have a much lower loss than you wanted? How do you handle the disappointment?

Looking at Where I Went Wrong

This week, I genuinely can't tell where I went wrong. I didn't eat out as much this week and didn't eat all of my propoints allowance. Maybe this is where I went wrong. However, I did eat 26 propoints each day, which is the minimum Weight Watchers tells you to eat; it was my weekly propoints allowance that I did not touch.

Feeling Better This Week

One thing that I will touch on is the fact that I feel better this week. I feel thinner and have more energy. I got out and walked a lot more with my daughter, which meant that she also got some fresh air. We got out every day and took a walk down the high street and back or to the train station to meet her dad once he finished work or uni…

How to Get a Flatter Stomach

While losing weight may be a long term goal, getting a flatter stomach is likely to be something on your list in the interim. The stomach size fluctuates on a daily basis, whether from bloating, eating the wrong foods or due to weight loss or gain. Here are some top tips to getting that flatter stomach today.
Avoid Bloating Foods
Watching what you eat will help you lose weight and gain a flatter tummy area. Foods like curries, chillies and anything with spice digest quickly and lead to gas building up in the intestines. This gives the bloated feeling and leads to you looking like you’ve gained 10 pounds in the space of an hour or two.
Eat Pineapple Regularly
Pineapple actually contains an enzyme which helps with digesting protein. This is excellent to help lose that stomach quickly and easily. Pineapple juice will not do the same so eat fresh pineapple on a daily basis, especially if you do eat something that is bloating.
Drink Plenty of Water
Water helps the digestive system work quic…