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Weekly Weight Loss Week 17

This week I lost another 1.5lbs. I was happy with that, considering I kept feeling like I was losing track of the week and wasn't eating enough! I've really found that I have to eat to lose weight - starving myself honestly doesn't help me (or you!) lose weight at all, let along healthily.

What Did I Do This Week?

The same as every other week. I kept track, even though I felt like I was always behind, and made sure I knew how much I ate and whether I was behind on propoints. I also made sure I got in plenty of Healthy and Filling foods; ones that keep you feeling fuller for longer.

What Will I Do This Week?

This week has been difficult so far. I was away for a wedding and struggled with keeping track of my points or planning to eat healthily. I've tried the best that I can but had to overestimate in places. It's not an excuse to not track but it has definitely made it difficult. We'll see on Tuesday as to how badly I've really done. At the moment, I am just t…

Weekly Weight Loss Week 16

Another week gone and another pound lost.

I'm another pound towards my goal of reaching the 2 stone mark; just have 4.5 pounds left to go.

What Did I Do Differently?

It's a little less than the week before. I always want to make the most of my weeks so I decided to take a look at what I did differently this week to create a lower weight loss than the week before. I noted that I ate less this past week. I didn't eat all my weekly allowance, whereas I ate as much as possible the week before.

It seems to go against the idea, but maybe eating a little more is key to weight loss. I will write more about this in a post but for a little more, maybe you should check out my post on the problems with crash diets.

What Will I Do This Week?

I'm eating more this week. It has been a difficult one since I was at my in-laws for the night and had to rely on the dinner that they were cooking. Usually it is chicken or quiche but I left my weekly points anyway - I'm glad I did because i…

Weekly Weight Loss Weeks 14 and 15

I realised yesterday that over the last couple of weeks I haven't posted my weight loss or updated my blog. In fact, I haven't updated any of my blogs! Shame on me! I am sorry; I've been working long hours and studying in between but I will start updating more regularly.

So, over the last two weeks I have lost 2lb. The first week I lost nothing so the weight loss has actually been from this week.

What Happened?

The first week, I deserved to have a gain at the scales and was very happy with staying the same. I didn't track anything that I hate and just pretended that everything was going to be fine. I was extremely exhausted. I know I shouldn't make excuses but my lack of tracking is the reason for not losing weight that week.

So I Changed That and Lost!

I knew I had to make a change and start losing weight again. Last week I tracked everything that I ate. However, I was still lucky to lose weight. I had actually eaten more than my propoints allowance would let me. I …