Halloween Party Ideas to Lose Weight

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, the idea of weight loss during this time can be daunting. Even if you’re not hosting the party, the thought of dealing with all the candy and chocolates can be terrifying when you’re losing weight. Here are a few Halloween party ideas to help you stay in control in the run-up and on the night.

Have Some Healthy but Fun Snacks

Image: Alexandria Ingham
You don’t just need to get chocolates, candies and cookies in. Why not have some fun with some healthy snacks? I loved making some of these last year, and did mini orange pumpkins and banana ghouls. 

I blogged about some fun Halloween party ideas last year, and you can find that blog post here.
If you’re hosting the party, put them out for your guests. Even if they don’t want to eat them, you have something to enjoy. If you’re attending a party, take a platter of your creations with you and share with your friends. That can be your hostess gift.

Set an Allowance for Unhealthy Snacks

Having a chocolate bar or a cookie every now and then isn’t going to harm you. In fact, a treat now and then is good for your mind and diet. You’re less likely to get cravings, and you’ll be in more control.

Set yourself an allowance for the night. It could be one unhealthy snack each hour of the party, or one for every 10 healthy Halloween party ideas you try.

Be realistic with yourself when setting your allowance, and think about your restraints on the night.

Let the Kids Go Away With More

One of the biggest problems I have is having the bowl of candy in the house on Halloween night. The best way of dealing with this is by getting the kids to go home with most of it.

I tell the kids that they can have two or three pieces each. This area doesn’t get that many trick or treaters. As it gets towards the end of the night, they can have more if there’s a lot left. Usually there isn’t.

It seems kids spread the word about the houses offering the best or most chocolate. By following this tip last year, our bowl was almost empty by the end of the night.

Freeze Your Halloween Party Ideas

If you’re hosting a party, you may have a lot left. You don’t want it to go to waste, but you know the food isn’t good for your diet.

Why not freeze everything? I find this really useful with chocolate, especially caramel or toffee candy. The candy gets so tough that it takes me longer to eat it. I savor more of it, and don’t want to eat as much.

You may also forget about it, too, since it will sit at the bottom of your freezer collecting ice. That will make it last longer!

Don’t Worry Too Much!

One little tip that I do want to give is to not worry too much. Yes, you can follow all these Halloween party ideas, but there is still the element of fear that you’ll overeat.

It is one night! One night isn’t going to ruin your whole diet. Get right back on track the next day and deal with it sensibly. Sometimes you just need that one night off.

Enjoy the night. It comes just once a year, there’s no point getting stressed over it. If you do need more Halloween party ideas and tips to deal with the season, here’s my post from last year to help you out.

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Great suggestions. I always make sure all the candy in the bowl is gone by the end of the night, even if that means giving giant handfuls to the last few stragglers trick or treating.

    1. That's often the best way to deal with it. The kids at the end of the night will love you!

  2. candy is not my downfall. I don't care for straight sugar or chocolate that much. Things like bread and pasta? They get me every damn time.

    1. Oh how I envy you for that :) Bread and pasta, on the other hand, I don't need too much. I enjoy pasta, but bread I could live without.

  3. While I'm not worried about me, I do have to be careful about my girl. She's a type 2 diabetic!

  4. I tend to splurge if there is chocolate around but then I am a good girl for a few days in order to balance things out :)

    1. I tend to do that, splurge and then have a few days off to balance it out. I'm trying to be a little more consistent this year.

  5. Oh come on! Where's the fun in that?!? :)

    Actually some great ideas - it's easy to fall into the overeating/eating-wrong-foods vacuum and before you know it ... you're a pumpkin!

    1. I know...I'm no fun at all ;)

      Haha! I've not got the image of me as a pumpkin. Thanks, Mel!

  6. Luckily I needn't worry too much about this issue on Halloween as I don't have kids bringing back candy! ;) However, I am curious if I decide to host a Halloween party - I love dressing up for Halloween after all! - what those things are in that image you posted Lexi and what the recipe is? ;) <3

    1. The ones in the image are my chocolate mousse graves from last year. Here's the link to the blog post that has the recipe.


  7. Nice ideas. I have cut sweet things out of my diet recently . I'm now following your blog. I really like it :)

    1. I don't eat that many anymore, and do like the savoury treats, so when I do have them they really are a treat for me. Thanks for following. I hope future blog posts are just as enjoyable :)


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