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4 Weight Loss Snack Ideas to Beat the 11am Munchies

Weekly Weight Loss Week 26

I lost a pound this week!

To be honest, I thought I was going to gain weight so I was really happy.

We went to the zoo on Saturday and took our own picnic but ended up eating a bit too much -- especially with the Chinese takeaway that evening.

Anyway, either I made up for it afterwards or was good leading up to it (I did track my food but rarely track the activity that I do since I don't like using the points).

My goal for this week:

I don't often do this but I have a goal that I really want to reach this week. I would love to lose 2lb this week.


That will get me under the 12 stone barrier. I've not seen under 12 stone for a couple of years so I really really want to see it this week!

But I'm not doing so great at the moment -- I went over my daily points allowance yesterday after an unplanned trip to McDonalds (the car needed fixing). I'm back on track today though and haven't used up many of my weekly points yet so there's still time. Plus, I did earn…

Weekly Weight Loss Week 25

My apologies for updating this so late -- and for no post on Friday. It's been a very hectic week and I'm trying to catch up as we speak.

This week I lost 1/2lb.

But it's "only" 1/2lb, so many people complain about. Yes, it may not sound like a lot but it's a loss! It's also the bad week out of four that I have so I'm expecting a better weight loss next week (as long as I stick to my plan)

Last week I kept track and I'm doing the same this week. The bad thing is that even though I've been eating healthily, I think I've eaten too much! We went to the zoo on Saturday and took out own picnic but it was difficult to keep track of EVERYTHING. I've tried and think I'm okay but we'll see on Tuesday...

How has your weight loss been? Did you have a good week or are you struggling to get back on track?

Weekly Weight Loss Week 24

So, after a week of feeling like I was struggling with my motivation, I wasn't expecting much at the scales. Instead I managed to lose 1.5lbs!

I was so happy to see the figure and it's pushed me back into tracking and makes me want to lose more weight.

I'm not going to go through my "what I did differently" because I mentioned last week how I was struggling with my motivation. I'd lost track of everything I was eating and just couldn't stop snacking.

What I'll Do This Week

I'm already back on track. I know everything I've eaten and make sure that I'm not going over my propoints. I'm also focusing on getting more activity back into my day - not too hard with a nine-month-old who is starting to get on the move!

I'm also back to creating delicious meals so I enjoy losing weight again. This has always been a problem, especially when it comes to lunch. I need something that won't take too long to make but is still delicious. So far i…

Social Media and Weight Loss: How Social Media Helps You Lose Weight

Social media can help you lose weight. I’m joking, right? Wrong!
I’ve found social media helps me with my weight loss and I’m going to tell you just how in this post. Just to make it clear, the only social media I use a lot are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
1. Offer motivation when you least expect it
It’s really easy to lose motivation when you’re trying to lose weight. Sometimes you won’t even realise that your motivation is slipping.
When you follow weight loss pages on social media, they help with motivation. I follow Weight Watchers online and get a daily dose of success stories that make me think “I want to be like that”. My goal is to become one of Weight Watchers’ success stories one day.
2. Delicious recipes to try out
Sometimes it’s just hard to lose weight because you’re bored of eating the same things over and over again. Losing weight doesn’t need to be about eating salad all the time and missing out on your favourite treats but buying recipe books (that you don’t end u…

Weekly Weight Loss Week 23

This week I gained a pound - but I'm still at the 2st mark!

I was a little annoyed but there's nothing I can do about the weight gain - I just have to try and get it off this week.

What Happened...

I blame Easter but it was really my fault for not trying very hard to control myself when it came to Easter eggs, chocolate, and Easter Monday lunch with the in-laws. I lost track and just couldn't get back on top of it with just one day to weigh-in.

I decided to go and see how it would go and then work on getting it off.

This Week Isn't Going So Well..

I think I need a kick to get my mind back on the track of losing weight. I've just lost track again and I can't seem to get back on it.

It's not helping that we have a load of Easter eggs still in the house but that's not the reason for gaining weight...It's my mentality.

I'm not lacking in motivation - I know where I want to be and I'm determined to get there - I'm just struggling to stay on tra…

Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

So, it’s Fitness Friday – as I’ve started calling it – and it’s time to focus on losing weight after pregnancy. I’ve finally lost my pregnancy weight and I wanted to share some insights and how to lose weight after pregnancy sensibly!
It’s taken just over six months to lose the weight and this is a good amount of time – after all, it took nine months to gain it, right?
For the record, I still have a lot of weight to lose but that was weight I already needed to shift before getting pregnancy back in September 2011.
·Lose no more than 2lb per week: I hate seeing all these diets that tell you that you can lose a stone in a month – actually, I saw a diet on Facebook the other day promising two stone in two weeks!
This is not a healthy way to lose weight and will do nothing for you in the long term. You may lose two stone in two weeks but will you really keep that weight off?
These “quick fix” diets cut out so many calories and so many nutrients that you’re not healthy. They put your body …