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Weekly Weight Loss Catchup -- Weeks 49 to 51

I'm sorry! I've been really useless at getting my weekly weight losses up.

I had to go to a different Weight Watchers class for the last two weeks, which has thrown me off a little but it is no excuse.

So, here are my posts at Bubblews:

I'm just half a stone away from goal and it's so exciting. I was recently asked by my Weight Watchers leader to submit my success story for a chance to be involved in some local PR. I may get to meet Patsy Kensit next week, since she's one of the Weight Watchers Ambassadors. That's really exciting to think that I could get that after this really long but worthwhile journey.

I'm back to my normal class on Tuesday but one week a month I'll be at the Monday classes. I have university tutorials on a Tuesday night now but that is not going to stop me from getting weighed and finding out how f…

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