Exercising for Weight Loss: My Plan for the Month Ahead

Exercising for weight loss is important. As much as I would love to it all be about the diet, there are certain benefits that exercise offers. It:

  • Helps to boost calorie burning
  • Helps to tone muscles
  • Encourages the skin to shrink
  • Makes us feel healthier
  • Keeps us feeling happier

While I want to lose weight, I also want to feel great about myself. I want to feel healthier again. The last time I lost weight, I didn’t include any exercise at all. Sure I got to goal, but I wasn’t quite the shape I wanted to be. I ended up doing exercise afterwards to maintain and change my body shape.

It wasn’t easy.

This time I’m going to start exercising for weight loss and health. That means I need a plan. Since I’m away for the weekend, this plan is going to start from September 6. I simply can’t exercise while driving and it would be rude to take time out of visiting people I’ve never met before! Not an excuse—those are my genuine feelings.

Monkey is back at school on Tuesday. We’ll only have Peanut in the house for a few hours, and there will be a good reason to get out of the house and do more. The school is also in walking distance, so there’s no excuse for me not to get out of the house and do 20-30 minutes of exercise every single week day.

So, this is my rough plan right now for exercising for weight loss:

Walk Monkey to school: It will take some of the time out of my working day, but it will be a great way to stretch my legs. I may not do both the morning and afternoon walks. With both of us at home, we can alternate between us. I like the afternoon ones since mornings are my best time to work.

Go running regularly: This is just one of the ideas my husband has given me. He can take Peanut out to pick Monkey up and I can get out and run during that time. That’s definitely possible for now. The weather will change soon and it might be difficult to run, so I’ll wait to see what it’s like each day.

Start tae kwon do: I did a taster class a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. It’s something that Monkey likes, too. So, we’re both going to take it up once it starts. We can’t sign up until September 10, so that will take up one day a week.

Home weights program: there are plenty of bodyweight exercises that we can do, and we also have some small dumbbells to use. The hubby and I will be doing these on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, there are no local swimming pools without spending a fortune on a gym membership. I'm not interested in spending hundreds of dollars a month for the same of using a swimming pool! We'll just have to buy a house that has an outdoor pool...

I’ve got plenty to do. Right now it’s a rough plan and I’ll be able to flesh it out when we’re back from our trip at the weekend.

Do you have an exercise plan? Feel free to share it below and let’s motivate each other.


  1. I'm with you. I would like to loose at least 50 lbs. I am going to start walking.....I can't run, my knees are full of arthritis, so walking will be work enough. Good Luck!

    1. Awesome! Doing an exercise that is comfortable for you is important. I don't run on treadmills because they knacker my knees. I don't really like exercise classes, as much as I try to force myself, so don't do them anymore. Funnily enough, I like group sports and martial arts, but not the actual aerobic classes.

  2. My teen son does tae kwon do. He loves it. It does help him loose the extra weight he gained after messing his knee up in football.

  3. It's always good to have a plan! I have been thinking about how my youngest child and I can get more active the mornings I am home with him once we send my oldest child back to school next week. I hope he'll be on board with the plan. :)


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