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Those Crash Diets Aren't Healthy! Don't Waste Your Time!

I recently saw a message on Facebook from a friend who was asking about some new diet. Her friends were commenting saying how it was some new milkshake diet that costs £100 (don't know how often) and that the person is limited to two milkshakes a day...and NOTHING else!

I couldn't believe it when I was reading it. And people were recommending it to her.

And I'm ashamed to admit that it wasn't just that that I couldn't believe. I used to follow these crash faddy diets. I would lose a lot of weigh in a short space of time and then just pile it ALL back on and even more.

Seeing that there are still people close to me who are following fad diets, I realize that there are still plenty of people around the world thinking they work. They don't. They're not healthy. And I don't want you wasting your time on them.

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