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Tips for Getting More Activity When You Work a Desk Job

I work a desk job like so many other people. Mine is a bit more laid back (since I work from home) but I do a lot of sitting. Trying to get more activity can almost seem impossible.
But it’s really not. You can boost your activity levels on a daily basis and get to the point where you’re doing the 75-150 minutes a week (depending on the intensity) recommended by the experts.
How can you manage that? Well, I’ll tell you what I do.
Park Further Away
Whether you’re going for groceries or you drive to work, why not park further away from the building? You’ll need to walk more and that will soon help your steps increase. I do this all the time, especially when I’m on my own.
Parking further away means my car is also less likely to be dinged by others, because nobody wants to park too far away!
If you can completely get rid of the car, do it! One desk job I had, I would walk to work. It would be a 45 minute walk plus a 30 minute train journey vs. the 60 minute car drive but it was so worth …

Why Eating Fruit and Vegetables Isn’t Enough to Lose Weight

I received a message yesterday from someone looking for some weight loss support. She mentioned that she was eating lots of fruit and vegetables but still not losing weight.
Okay, well, eating fruit and vegetables isn’t enough to lose weight. Yes, really!
While eating fruit and vegetables can help—it certainly gets you your nutrients—it isn’t going to give you everything your body needs. In fact, too many fruit and vegetables can lead to weight gain.
And you need to look at all the other stuff you’re eating! Be honest with yourself.
So, let’s look at this in stages…
Eating too much of a good thing is bad
Yes, you really can eat too much of a good thing. Want to know why? Because you run the risk of not getting a balanced diet.
While you get your fibre and nutrients from fruit and vegetables, you need to get carbohydrates, protein, and some fats.
Yes, your body needs fat!
By the way, fruit is full of natural sugar. While it’s not as bad for you as refined sugar, eating too much of it c…

4 Tips to Use Your Weight Loss Blog to Your Advantage

Many people think it’s a great idea to set up a weight loss blog to help their journey. That’s certainly the case, and I do recommend it. But what about once you have set it up? Now how do you use it to help you along your weight loss journey?
Blogs can be whatever you want them to be.
Originally, they were an online diary to follow. You could use your blog in that way, but do you really want to put out a lot of personal information the web? You could write under a penname, but someone you know could find it and work out it’s you.
So what options do you have? Here are 4 tips to use your weight loss blog to your advantage.
Keep Track of Your Recipes
Start by making a list of all your favorite recipes and share them online. Be careful with this because there some copyright issues when you share directly from a book or site.
The best thing to do here is to make some tweaks to recipes. I’ll change up ingredients to suit my taste or I’ll try to make something from scratch just going along…

Getting Back Into Your Weight Loss Journey: My Tips for Success

Many of you will know that the last few months have been hard, especially when it comes to my weight loss journey. The truth is I fell off the wagon. I had to put so much else before losing weight.
It’s okay, though! Life happens.
Sometimes, weight loss is the last thing on our minds. But that doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. You can get back into your weight loss journey. You can find success.
Now that the big move is all over, I can focus on weight loss again. And trust me I need it! I found out that I gained seven pounds during my time off. While that’s not bad in the grand scheme of things, I went over the 13 stone mark. Not what I wanted to happen.
So now I’m back on track. The good news is in the last few weeks I’ve lost 5lbs in total. Just this week I lost 3lbs!
How did I get back into my weight loss journey? What are my tips for success?
Give yourself a new goal: stop focusing on the old ones and get your mind back in the game. What do you want to achieve and why? Ke…