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4 Tips for Returning to the Gym After Having a Baby

Many new mothers feel the pressure of getting back in shape after having a baby. Much of this can be blamed on celebrities, and their ability to get back into their pre-baby bodies within weeks of giving birth.
We know it’s unhealthy, but that doesn’t stop us wanting to get back into shape, right?
Well, returning to the gym is a possibility. If you’re not a gym bunny, doing other forms of exercise are possible. I just want to make sure you do it safely for you and your newborn.
Here are my four tips for returning to the gym after having a baby.
Don’t Start Too Soon
Listen to your body. Are you really ready to return to the gym right now? If you’ve had a c-section, it’s going to take longer to heal than if you had a pain-free natural delivery (they happen, apparently!).
So, avoid starting too soon. Listen to what your body is telling you and be honest with yourself. I don’t recommend starting before your six week post-natal check, but if you’re anything like me you can’t wait that long.…

How Soon Can You Start Losing Weight After Having a Baby?

On Monday I gave birth to my daughter. That’s why I’ve been so quiet. The birth went well, and we’re now back home and settling into a routine.
Of course, as a Weight Watchers leader there have been people who have been following my weight gain throughout pregnancy. I didn’t post much about it here, but shared with some people close to me.
With healthy eating throughout my pregnancy, I gained 37lbs up until last Friday. I didn’t bother weighing the last two days of my pregnancy, and wasn’t exactly watching what I was eating!
Now there’s the question of when I will start losing weight after having a baby. Is there a wrong or right time?
Wait Six Weeks
If you’re joining Weight Watchers or returning after giving birth, you can’t do it until six weeks after the birth of your baby. That’s when I’ll be officially following the plan again.
Midwives recommend waiting until the six week mark because the body has the chance to recover from the birth; whichever method of birth. Weight Watchers h…

Why Crash Diets Aren’t Good for Long Term Weight Loss Success

Do you want weight loss success that lasts for years? Of course you do! The last thing you want is to drop four dresses sizes, just to go up six within weeks of stopping the diet.
It’s the start of the year and there are plenty of people looking to start crash diets. It could be the latest 10-day magazine diet, these juice diets (Juice Plus and everything else out there) or a 500-calorie only diet.
Whatever you find, it’s time to think carefully about them. Are they really sustainable for long term weight loss success?
There is one reason why I joined Weight Watchers as a leader. I could follow a healthy eating plan that would keep the weight off for the long term (forever, in fact!) Even with the new plan, it is sustainable for the long term.
And I don’t just say Weight Watchers works. For many people out there, Scottish Slimmers, Slimming World and the old Rosemary Connelly (I can’t remember the new name for it now) do work, and there are maintenance options.
Crash diets don’t have …