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How to Get Back in the Zone After Christmas

Christmas has been and gone, but you’re still not back on the weight loss wagon. No matter how many days you say “today is the day,” you find yourself gorging on chocolate, cake, leftover turkey and more.
Deep down, you know you need to get back into that weight loss zone. You may have stepped on the scales and be mortified at your gain, or be scared to even see the damage.
You can get back in the zone after Christmas. Here are three tips to help you do it today.
Get Rid of It All
It sounds like a waste of food, but you don’t have to throw it all in the bin. Anything that’s not been opened can be taken to food shelters or food banks. People are always thankful for those who donate, whatever your reasons for donating are.
Another option is to give it to your neighbours or friends. What about your friends with children just to get it all out of the house?
Anything that has been opened can be put in the bin. Chances are it’s going off around about now, anyway. It’s been a while since Chri…

Weight Watchers Tips: Snacking Ideas on SmartPoints

There’s been a huge shift recently at Weight Watchers, and now people are understandably looking for tips. People want to know the best snacking ideas on SmartPoints, because chocolate has pretty much doubled in points.
It’s great to hear that people want tips and ideas. It means they’re trying and looking for ways to still enjoy their treats and live a healthy life, while losing weight.
While I could tell you to snack on fruit and veggies, we don’t always want them. We want chocolate, crisps, yoghurts and everything else that could be “bad” for us. It’s not bad, as long as eaten in moderation. Here are some of my snacking ideas on the new Weight Watchers plan.
Danone Shape Yoghurts and Muller Lights
Shape yoghurts have barely changed in points. Most of them sit at 2sp (I’ve worked them out with the calculator), so that’s one great snack that you can have. Many others have gone up in points.
Muller Lights have gone up, but they’re still relatively low. Depending on the flavour, there …

Should You Start Your Diet Now Or After Christmas?

Is now a good time to start your diet? With three days to go to Christmas day, you may be tempted to start afterwards. After all, now isn’t a good time when you know you have the festivities coming up, is it?
The truth is there never is a good time to start a diet. Doing it now could be perfect for you. Of course, it really depends on you and your mindset.
Here’s three reasons why I’d consider starting a diet now rather than after Christmas.
It Gets You in the Mindset
Having a healthy mindset is only a positive thing, right? I’d consider a healthy diet before Christmas Day just to get started in that mindset. It might help curb some of the unhealthy choices I’d make over the festive period.
This is especially the case with the new Weight Watchers diet. The whole approach is about being healthy—moving more, smiling more and eating better. Why put that off until after the festive season?
Even if you don’t get straight into it, getting some sort of head-start on the reading would be good …

Weight Watchers Hasn’t Changed to Make More Money: Why You Benefit From SmartPoints

There is still a lot of talk about the new Weight Watchers plan, SmartPoints. Some accuse the company of changing just for the sake of money. There’s this idea of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
While I do believe in that saying, the truth is the ProPoints plan was slightly flawed. I fully admit to making my allowance fit so I could have my chocolate, crisps, cheeses and alcohol. The truth is SmartPoints is needed, and it benefits you in so many ways.
Now, there are people resistant to change. They don’t like it, and as humans it’s common to like our routines. The change from Points to ProPoints was very much the same. I keep saying how I was one of those so resistant that I left, gained weight and wished I’d just kept going and embraced the changed. That’s why this time—even though I feared I might find it hard—I decided to embrace it and get stuck in.
It is because I see the benefits in SmartPoints. So, I want to focus on them to show you why Weight Watchers hasn’t changed just t…

Weight Watchers Plan Changes: Giving It a Go

Weight Watchers announced the new plan yesterday. It’s a holistic approach, going “Beyond the Scale.”
But there are lots of people in Facebook groups saying that they’re not going to bother changing. They’re angry that Weight Watchers has done this, saying that it’s all about the money.
The truth is, the change is all about health. This new change encourages moving more, eating foods that are lower in sugar and saturated fats (not getting rid of all treats but having them just as treats) and focusing on being happier.
What could possibly be wrong with that? Why would someone not want to give the Weight Watchers plan changes a go?
Chocolate and Snacks Have Increased
There are a lot of complaints about chocolate, snacks and wine going up in values. There’s a reason for that...
They’re high in saturated fats and sugars.
Weight Watchers isn’t just about losing weight. It’s always been about living a healthier lifestyle. The old plan—in hindsight, which I know is ALWAYS perfect—didn’t real…

Keep Your Weight Loss Going Throughout the Ups and Downs

There are all sorts of things that challenge our weight loss. It can be things going on in our personal lives, individuals not supporting our goals when we really need them to, or technology playing up like crazy.
Many Weight Watchers members have vented their frustration lately because the smartphone app has been playing up. App updates have led to various issues, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your weight loss going.
Things happen that are out of our control. Rather than complaining and letting it hinder our efforts, we need to get back on track and keep going through those ups and downs. Here are my tips to help you do just that.
Track Your Food an Alternate Way
What did we ever do without technology? I know now it seems like we’ve always add a Weight Watchers app, but that really isn’t the case.
I actually went back to paper and pen shortly before all the app updates. I wanted to get back into the habit of writing it all down and see what it was like being a weekly paying mem…