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How to Get Started With Your Weight Loss Journey

When is the best time to start losing weight? Just how do you get started if you have stones to go? There are so many questions people have before they start their weight loss journey. Just getting started can seem like a huge milestone. Don’t worry if you feel worried or overwhelmed with all the information out there. You are definitely not alone.
I remember looking through all the diet plans, wondering just where to start. Even the last time I joined Weight Watchers as a new member I wondered if it was the right plan for me. I contemplated giving Slimming World another go, despite it not working at all for me the last time.
So you don’t have to go through all the choices and questions, I’m going to help you right now. Here’s a few tips to get you started with your weight loss journey.
Decide on Your Goals and Reasons
Before you even think about which plan to follow, decide what your goals and reasons are for losing weight. While I wanted to fit into my old clothes, I also wanted to b…

Finding Motivation After a Weight Gain

Whether you’ve been good or bad all week, gaining weight one week is disappointing. You may know exactly what you did, but it doesn’t stop your heart from dropping as you see the numbers go in the wrong direction. When you’re not expecting it, it’s even worse.
All this leads to a drop in motivation. You start to wonder if the diet plan is right for you. After a weight gain this week, I’ve had a drop in my motivation, so it’s time to get back on track. Here are the tricks I’m going to use for finding motivation after a weight gain.
Remind Myself Why I’m Doing This
The first thing to do is to remember why I’m losing weight. There are multiple reasons why I want to drop a couple of stone again.
The main part is to be healthy. That’s been my goal all along. I need to drop at least one and a half stone to be within my healthy BMI range. While that doesn’t tell me everything, it tells me enough right now.
Health is also important for my girls. I don’t want to be the fat mum that struggles t…

Weight Watchers SmartPoints: Why Am I Losing Weekly Points?

The change from ProPoints to SmartPoints didn’t just bring a new allowance. It brought changes to the current way of losing points as we lose weight.
On Tuesday, I shared a video on YouTube discussing the loss of 42 weekly SmartPoints to 35 weeklies. I saw a question on a Facebook group from a member, too, as she’d lost weekly points. Why does this happen now?
The short answer is that as we lose weight we need to eat less.
You knew that, right? After all, that’s why Weight Watchers originally reduced your daily points allowance until you got a minimum. But it never changed your weeklies.
With SmartPoints, your daily and weekly allowances are personalised. That means you could have fewer weekly points but the same daily points as your best friend.
You’ll first lose your daily allowance until you get down to 30 per day. Then you will start losing your weekly allowance. You lose seven at a time, and yes it seems like a big jump; something else I talk about in the video.
Here’s the video…

Weight Watchers Pancake Recipe: Your Pancake Day Sorted!

Pancake Day is on Tuesday. I can’t believe it’s here again already.
Pancakes are a dieter’s worst nightmare. They’re full of eggs, milk and flour! While eggs are fine, the milk and flour can be problematic; and not just for weight loss. Some people have gluten intolerances, while others can’t stomach the dairy.
I’m here with my favourite Weight Watchers pancake recipe. You need just two ingredients: BananasEggs
I suggest playing around with the balance of both to find a texture and taste that you prefer. I like using two eggs for each banana, but others find they prefer it the other way round or just doing one egg per banana.
The method is simple. Mash the banana, add the beaten egg and you have your Weight Watchers pancake batter.
Not only will pancake day be guilt free (depending what you put on top, of course!) but it will have minimal mess. As for the toppings, I love mixed berries and a tiny bit of maple syrup, but the choice really is yours.

 I hope you enjoy this Weight Watcher…

How I’ll Continue to Help You Lose Weight

I’m not actively losing weight at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I’m not actively eating healthily. I’m still waiting another three weeks, once I have my six-week postnatal check, to get back on the Weight Watchers diet properly. This is more for health reasons to make sure my body is ready to lose the baby weight.
That being said, healthy eating has meant that I’ve seen my weight drop. Because my husband is weighing each week, I jump on the scales too. So far, I’ve lost 8.5lbs since that sneaky weigh in after having my daughter.
Even though I’m not actively counting my points, I know I can still help you lose weight. Not only am I still a Weight Watchers leader, but I’m also proving that the tools and tips still stick with you over time. Weight Watchers isn’t a diet but a change in lifestyle for the better.
So, how can I still help you right now? This is what I’ll be doing over the next three weeks:
Actively Blogging With Tips
I’ve been a little hit and miss with this blog recently…