I Went Shopping This Weekend: A Look at My Weight Loss Efforts So Far

I had to go shopping this weekend for clothes. Not because I’ve gone up or down sizes, but because the fall and winter weather is starting to close in. We need all sorts of clothes that we’ve never really had to buy before with the change of country.

According to the scales, I’ve actually put on 7lbs since the start of the month! I know I said I was going to wait until the end of the month, but my husband bought some digital scales and I wanted to see. The scales that I had been using were manual and much more likely to be wrong.

So, maybe I haven’t put on weight. Maybe it’s the fact that the scales were wrong. But it’s not nice to feel like I’ve lost only to find out I’ve gained half a stone! I’m well over the 13st mark now and I just need to make some changes. On a positive note, my husband—and I trust him when he says this—thinks that I look like I’ve lost. Maybe I’m just changing my shape rather than actually losing weight. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I can’t really tell by the size of clothes over here, though. Clothes sizes are different. I think I have to go down a couple of sizes, but many clothes are simple Small, Medium, Large, etc. I’ve actually decided not to even think about the size I was in the UK as it isn’t a true representation of what I am now. I’ll just have to start from the beginning.

So the clothes shopping today has been the starting point for clothes sizes. The next time I go shopping—whenever that may be, since I hate it—will be a good indication size wise over whether I’m losing weight or not.

With the weather closing in and the decision not to do tae kwon do after all, we’re looking for the 30 Day Shred on YouTube. Right now I’m waiting for my right shoulder blade to heal (don’t know what I did, but I woke up yesterday in agony with it) and will then get on with the challenge to start getting of the weight. It’s about time it went!


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