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Weekly Weight Loss Week 31

This week I lost an amazing 3lbs.

I hit my Silver Seven target and gotten a bit into the next one. My next aim is to get to 11st and then I'm at a healthy BMI!

I didn't do much different this week. In fact, I almost went over my pro points allowance and had to claw it back on the last couple of days. I think this actually helped.

I've always found that the more I eat, the better I do at the scales. I think this is because the body wants that food and it helps to keep the metabolism up.

I've been taking raspberry ketones

I will also admit that I've been taking raspberry ketones. They started off as a product review but I've had so much energy from them that I've decided to keep them up. They're supposed to speed up the metabolism so I'm wondering if they have helped.

I'll keep taking them for the next week and will report back how I do.

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