Will Sharing Food Pics Really Help With Weight Loss?

I see a lot of people in Weight Watchers groups sharing food pics to help with their weight loss efforts. It likely happens in many weight loss groups, because it certainly happens on personal Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages.

Does it really help with weight loss?

Personally I think it does. Here’s why:

It keeps you on track

When you share food pics, you’re more on track with your weight loss plan. You have others to be held accountable to, and you want to show that you’re following whatever plan it is you’re following.

You know that when you take a pic and show it on social media others will see. There’s always judgment—as much as we don’t want it—and you want to make sure you show your focus.

So, in short, sharing food pics helps with weight loss because it keeps you on track.

You get support on bad days

When you stop sharing your food pics, people worry. They want to know where you are and find out why you’ve stopped.

It usually tells them that you’ve fallen off the wagon. You may have had a bad day or week, but there are people there to off you support. You’ll need it to get back on track and figure out what your weight loss goals are again.

You’ll find it easier to pull your head back into the game.

Some people will even share the bad stuff they’ve eaten. This highlights their bad days and shows they’re not perfect. They get the support they desperately need when they’re struggling with weight loss.

You give others inspiration and get it back

Others who are struggling with weight loss will need inspiration. They want to see that they can have fun with food and enjoy it while losing weight. You give them what they need.

At the same time, you may be stuck in a rut. You start to share the same food pics over and over again, which often means you start struggling with your weight loss. As others share their pics, you can get some ideas for your own meals.

You’ve got a food diary

Trying to keep track of the food you eat isn’t always easy. Sure, there are apps and you can carry a book, but honestly do you really have the time? I know I definitely don’t. It was a bit easier with the Weight Watchers app but I don’t want to pay for it right now and don’t have an internet connection without somewhere with WiFi anyway!

Taking photos is quick and easy. It’s just one snap and you get to remember what you’ve had for a meal. You can decide to track the actual food later if you need or just keep a diary through picture form.

I’m going to start making an effort to share my food pics to help with weight loss. They’re not always going to be glamorous because I’m useless with presentation, but I will try to share them as much as possible. I do believe that food pics really help with weight loss.


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