100 Day Challenge Days 47 and 48: Filling and Healthy Is Going Well

I’m really enjoying the filling and healthy approach on Weight Watchers. It’s been something I’ve been talking to some of my members about, and I know how much they enjoy it to.

The benefit is guilt-free eating. As long as it’s labelled filling and healthy from a Weight Watchers view, there’s no pointing or tracking. I am still cautious about the amount I eat, because I don’t always have that “full and satisfied” filter, but I don’t worry as much. I actually find that I’m not as worried about eating under my pro points allowance.

I like to eat a lot of fruit, and the last few days that’s what I’ve mainly been focusing on. In fact yesterday I ate almost a whole melon. I really wanted it and it is filling and healthy. You know what? I really enjoyed it! I’ve barely gone into the small amount of weekly pro points I have left because there’s been no need.

I will be doing a pointing day today because I was eating out for lunch and tomorrow I’ll have to do a pointing day because of the evening meal, but I’m going to focus on filling and healthy choices when I can.

Blogging wise I keep dropping behind. It’s not because I’m not doing the 100 Day Challenge. It’s simply because I have a lot on and sometimes I barely get the time to blog. I’ll keep updating, though and I am continuing with the challenge.


  1. Hi Lexi :)
    Thanks for sharing your 100 day challenge, its great to see you keeping up with it :) Nice work!!

  2. I've never done weight watchers but I love that idea of foods that are filling and healthy and therefore guilt-free. Going on a diet is awesome because it pushes us outside of our comfort zone and we end up discovering foods we love that we may never have tried before. I recently got a spiralizer to turn vegetables into noodles. I am eating a lot less pasta and loving it. All the best with your healthy eating goals!

  3. Eating fruit is so fulfilling. I look forward to prunes and a slice of pineapple and no, in summer, a nectarine every morning.

  4. I wish I could eat that picture right now! Well done on the post keep going.

  5. Filling and healthy choices are always a good idea. The best idea.


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