100 Day Challenge Day 27: A Hungry Day but In Control

Tuesday I had a hungry day on the 100 Day Challenge. Sometimes I get them, and constantly want to eat. This isn’t just grab a snack or anything. These are the days where I want small meals constantly throughout the day.

It’s something that I really love about Weight Watchers. I don’t need to feel guilty for eating or having a hungry day. I can have them and stay in control the whole time. I know I’d said yesterday that I wanted to stick within my daily pro points, but I was able to make the decision to go into my weekly pro points very slightly again.

I finished the day on 32 pro points, so went another six into my weekly pro points allowance. That’s fine. I still have 23 weekly pro points left, and that is plenty for the next three days. Today I do plan on using a few more because it is one of those days—busy and will be eating dinner late so it won’t be the healthiest (but will still be in control). Thursday and Friday are going to be quieter days for me (for once), so I expect those two days to be lower pro point days. I’m also getting to the gym, and will be able to earn activity pro points on both days.

See, it is possible to lose weight and still have a life. My whole day doesn’t revolve around food—and I never wish that I could have something. I know that I can, in moderation. I know that a hungry day isn’t going to be the end of my diet. It’s just all about staying in control; and being in control helps in so many other areas of my life.

It’s all about a summer challenge at Weight Watchers, with eight weeks to go. I’m asking all my members to set goals, and it’s only right that I set my own goal. For the last few weeks, I’ve just had the goal to lose a pound a week. I’m happy with that because it will get me down to where I want to be. It will give me that 4st weight loss in total.

What will your weight week goal be? Why not set one on the 100 Day Challenge with me and we can work together?


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