100 Day Challenge Day 30: The Dreaded Weekly Weigh In

I’ve never enjoyed the weekly weigh in. I think I dread it even more now that I’m doing the 100 Day Challenge. I guess because I’m sharing it with everyone, I get worried about being judged or about you viewing the plan as not working.

The truth is there is a lot involved in losing weight. It’s not just about sticking to a specific plan. Hormonal changes and water retention affect a lot of things. I mentioned during the week that I was expecting a gain this week because of the changes I’ve made during the week. I’ve cut down on the amount of tea I drink and swapped it for water.

While that’s all helped me feel healthier, it did affect my weight. I ended up staying the same this week. But, you know what? I’m happy with that!

I’ll see the results next week; I know I will.

Staying the same has been a mixture of things. The last three days haven’t been the best—I didn’t make the best choices at times. The extra water I’m drinking will definitely be affecting things. It’s also the fourth week in my cycle when I usually have a stay the same result/small gain. I’ve come to expect it but I know that I have a loss the week after—as long as I stick to the plan.

One thing I’m really happy is that I didn’t gain. You may remember me mentioning last week that I have a tendency to fluctuate between the same two pounds. It’s annoying and has been really getting to me recently. Staying the same means that I stand the chance of breaking the habit next week.

So, the plan of attack for this week is to stick to my pro points allowance and keep drinking the water the way I have been doing. I’m finding it really easy to drink four bottles throughout the day, even though I’m getting a few headaches from the lack of caffeine. I’m allowing myself four cups of tea a day at the most. I’m even skipping my morning caffeine intake for two bottles of water!

These changes may seem small but they’re great for weight loss and my health (and the latter is extremely important to me). 

If you want to join in with the 100 Day Challenge, don’t forget to check out this post about why I started it and what I’m doing over these 100 days. I’d love you to join in!


  1. Hi Alexandria, I'm from the Article Writing Challenge.

    I recently began an exercise regimen and eating healthy. Baby steps is the key. I didn't gain this weight in a day, or a week, or a year.... it took time to put it on, and it will take time to take it off. I'm not worried about pounds either...I'm more concerned with my health. I've had some success - I can tell in my clothes. So far, I'm on the right track. Good luck on your journey.

    Eydie :)

    1. Hi Eydie, it's a great way to look at it. it didn't take a day or week to put on the weight, so it's going to take longer to lose it. I'm proud that it took me just over a year to lose the weight, because it took a little less than that to gain it all. Now I've kept most of it off for 18 months. Just trying to lose that little bit that I gained over Christmas.


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