100 Day Challenge Days 45 and 46: Lagging Behind in Blogging but Not in Tracking

I lagged behind the last couple of days in my blogging on the 100 Day Challenge. It’s a good job that the challenge wasn’t to blog continuously, but track continuously. I did stick with the latter.

The last two days on the 100 Day Challenge have been all filling and healthy. I’ve enjoyed being able to eat more without the guilt and stick to healthy foods. I’ve actually found that I’ve not been as hungry, and maybe it’s because I’m not so worried about going over a pro points allowance. 

I am already well into my weekly pro points allowance. We ate out both Sunday and Monday, so the points came off my allowance. Luckily, a lot of what I ate on Monday was filling and healthy because it was chicken and salad, but there were a few desserts that we enjoyed. With it being a bank holiday, we wanted to get out and do stuff.

It’s all back onto a normal day of eating now, and that’s the way I plan on doing it for the rest of the week. Well, until Friday. I have a meal out with some friends from Sunday school, while we assess how the year has gone and talk about plans for the prize giving at the end of the school year. It’s only four more weeks until the prize giving ceremony for all the children! I should have saved some weeklies for that, but I know how to make good choices. I also know where we’re going, so I can plan ahead for that.

How are your days going on the 100 Day Challenge? Have you given it a go yet?


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