100 Day Challenge Day 40: There Could Be Better Days

Yesterday wasn’t great on the 100 Day Challenge. Yes I tracked everything, which means I completed my personal challenge of the day, but I didn’t make the best choices. During the day wasn’t too bad; the problem came at dinner time.

My husband suggested Chinese and we were going to pick one of the packs up from ASDA instead of ordering takeout. But the ASDA only had the Indian packs in stock, so that led to the only option of getting the takeaway. Well, we could have cooked something but by that point it was getting late and both of us just wanted a Chinese.

Then it came to making poor decisions because of course I wanted sweet and sour pork balls. And they’re so high in pro points. I did just take the pork out of the batter (the batter was too greasy for me) but that wouldn’t completely take the pro points down, especially when the rice and sauce are added in.

That is all my weekly pro points allowance. As I said, my day on the 100 Day Challenge is complete because I did track it all and made sure I had the points. I guess I can’t say that it was a very bad day because I was within my allowance. I *shouldn’t*put on weight this week as long as I now stick to my daily pro points.

Sticking to my dailies will be where the issue is. If I know I have weeklies to spare, I can stick to 26 daily pro points easily. When I know that I’m limited, my body keeps telling me that it wants food. It encourages me to eat more and more. I know it’s all mental, but sometimes it can be really difficult not to listen. Today is the first of four days sticking to 26 daily pro points, with a small number of activity pro points available. I’m not doing too bad, but I’ll share that update tomorrow on my 100 Day Challenge.


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