100 Day Challenge Day 43: Eating Everything In Sight

I really don’t know what is wrong with me at the moment. I’m trying to stick to the 100 Day Challenge, but it’s not easy when I’m so hungry. And this isn’t just wanting to snack on something. I want real meals, like tuna pasta and egg sandwiches. The good thing is the food that I really want to eat is all filling and healthy, which will be good when I start the filling and healthy days next week.
I’m actually trialling the filling and healthy days from today since I’ve only got one day left until I get a new set of weeklies. I can manage it, I know I can.

Yesterday, though, I completely blew all my pro points. I tracked everything and saw the horrible minus figures on my app. It’s something I really hate, and usually when I stop tracking but I needed to see the damage. Of course, it didn’t stop me from eating. I just tried to make good choices, which weren’t that hard because it was the “good” stuff I was craving.

I’m not holding out much hope for Saturday morning. I’m going to weigh and just draw a line under it. The important thing is knowing the damage, then I can reverse it next week.

My mum is coming to visit on Saturday, so that should help keep the weekend eating down to a minimum. My husband is also working on Sunday, which will mean fewer temptations to get out of the house and eat treats and snacks.

I hope your 100 Day Challenge is going better than mine. At this rate, I’ll be nowhere near my goal weight in time for the end of the challenge.


  1. Dieting is so hard! You can't be too tough on yourself. A 100 day challenge is going to bring some failures, for sure. Just keep your focus on the long term goal. Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Bryon. You're right that it's hard. The annoying thing is I'm a couple of pounds over the weight that I was last year when I reached my goal. I'd really like to get back down to it and that's the main focus right now. The actual challenge is just to track because I thought that might help...and while this week has been a whole list of failures, at least I've tracked it all.


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