100 Day Challenge Day 33: Didn’t Quite Eat All My Pro Points

Yesterday was a quiet day for me and didn’t involve that much eating. It makes a chance lately for the 100 Day Challenge, especially for a Monday!

The problem is the lack of eating led to me not eating all my pro points. I ended up on 24 out of 26 daily pro points eaten. I don’t think one day will cause too much of a problem, but I will be watching out for the rest of the week. 

The decision not to eat them all definitely wasn’t intentional. I wasn’t too sure what we’d have for tea, and my husband suggested a sausage casserole with sweet potato mash in the end. It was delicious, and low in pro points value. Our daughter even ate all hers, so it must have been good! She can be picky when it comes to dinner time, especially when it’s a late dinner like last night’s was.

I had four pro points left by the end of the night but was just too tired to do anything. In the end, I had a yogurt because I just needed to eat a couple more pro points, but couldn’t have the other two.

Oh well, I’m not going to dwell too much on it. I just need to watch out the rest of the week to make sure I don’t under eat again. It sounds strange but yes we really do need to eat to lose weight. It’s not about depriving ourselves and starving ourselves.

How is your 100 Day Challenge going? I can’t believe I’m a third of the way through it now. What about you?


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