100 Day Challenge Day 26: Slightly Over But Still In Control

I went a little over my daily pro points allowance yesterday in the 100 Day Challenge. That didn’t matter because I have my weekly pro points, and I actually made the decision to go over a little. I was enjoying the muffins that I made on Sunday.

Sometimes we will make the choice to eat a little more, and there is nothing wrong with doing that on Weight Watchers. That’s what the weekly pro points allowance is there for. However, you need to keep tracking.

If I didn’t track yesterday, I could have pretended that I still had the 34 weekly pro points left from the weekend. I don’t have that. I’m down by another 5 and now have just 29 weekly pro points left. That extra five may not seem like a lot now, but imagine if that happened every day. By Friday, I’d think I still have 25 weekly pro points left and it would lead to a weight gain on Saturday—possibly the week after if my body decided to delay it a little.

So, this is why I always say that tracking is important.

One thing that the 100 Day Challenge has made me think about is the little extra foods that I eat. I’ve started making the decision over whether something is really worth the pro points again. I’d fallen off a little a couple of months ago, so this 100 Day Challenge has been really good for me.

The best part now is that my husband is going to join in. He will officially become a Weight Watchers member and will be tracking along with me. It’s something he’s wanted to do for a while and now that he helps out at classes, he can do it properly. Having support is important. My husband has always been supportive, but now he can be even more supportive by tracking his own pro points, too.

In the end yesterday, I finished on 31 pro points a day. I was in control and that’s the way it is staying.


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