100 Day Challenge Day 29: Slightly Over While Watching Election Night

Yesterday was Election Day in the UK. As usual, I stayed up for the exit polls and wanted to see a bit of the Alternate Election Coverage on Channel 4. I love The Last Leg! It wasn’t easy trying to stick within my points on the 100 Day Challenge last night, I’ll be honest.

I didn’t quite plan for it. My husband decided to get packets of crisps for us to share, and I hadn’t exactly been an angel throughout the day. I’d left enough pro points for dinner and a small snack afterwards.

In the end, I went over by two. So it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but I should have thought ahead for it.

This morning I’ve barely had a chance to eat. I’ve been covering the election for a writing site, and there’s been a lot to talk about. The good news is that being up since 6am means that I’ve already drank two bottles of water and a cup of tea. I’m half way into my 2ltrs. Oh and I drank all 2 yesterday.

Today’s plan is to get some more activity in. I didn’t have time with my workload and meetings yesterday since I slept in. With getting up earlier today, I’ve been able to get things done and will have some time this afternoon to get out for a swim. In fact, I’m planning to as soon as I’ve written this blog post.

I got some comments yesterday about what this 100 Day Challenge is all about. I’m going to link to the first post that I wrote for those just joining now. It explains everything I plan to do over the next 61 days. I still can’t believe I’m almost a third of the way through it.

How are you doing on your 100 Day Challenge? Again, feel free to share in the comments below. Could you start a 100 Day Challenge today? Whether it’s for weight loss or not, I encourage you to do something just to push yourself a little.


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