100 Day Challenge Days 38 and 39: Getting Back on Track After a Bad Week

The weekend has been about getting back on track after a bad week on the 100 Day Challenge. While I tracked everything, I went over by Friday night and that led to my weight gain on Saturday morning. It was my own fault, and as I already said on Saturday I take full responsibility.

Getting back on track wasn’t too difficult. Once my mind is set on something, I can usually do it unless something breaks my control.

Sunday it would have been easy to blow it all. I was grumpy and my husband decided he wanted us all to go for a walk—and our two-year-old doesn’t really like walking for long and tends to stand and glare at us if we don’t pick her up. Not that she gets to come up...eventually, she decides to start walking again but it makes the walk take (what seems like) forever. Needless to say with the rubbish weather, I wasn’t a happy bunny by the end of it.

But I was a good bunny. We had the whole day planned out and I stuck to my daily and weekly pro points allowances. I did go further into my weeklies this weekend compared to last weekend, but I also earned more activity so it was worth it.

In the end, I have 23 weekly pro points left and earned seven while walking around on Sunday. I’m happy with that and there are more activity pro points to be earned during the week.

I am back on track, and that’s the way it will stay for the foreseeable on the 100 Day Challenge. I’m determined.


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