100 Day Challenge Day 35: Almost Way Overboard on Pro Points

I’m going to admit that yesterday I didn’t track properly. I’ve done it now—I’d taken photos of things to remind me—but it meant I didn’t make many great choices. I also went way overboard and am only just within my weekly pro points allowance.

Yesterday was very busy. I didn’t sit down once, and felt it in my feet by the end of the day. It’s not an excuse, but a reason why I took photos instead of opening my Weight Watchers app. Photos are just quicker at times, and at least I remembered everything. I have to admit though that I’m not looking forward to the scales on Saturday.

We all have these days and have to work around them. My 100 Day Challenge was to track religiously every day. It would have been so easy to just skip the day and pretend it didn’t happen, but I’d only end up cheating myself. There would be high chances that I’d end up eating the weekly pro points allowance again without realizing, because I wouldn’t realize that I only have 6 pro points left.
I’m proud of myself for sitting down right now and including everything in.

Today is another day of covering classes, and should hopefully be my last for a while. I’ve been good so far, but do only have 9 daily pro points left for the night. It’s going to be something with turkey, which is generally quite low. I’m thinking either a stir fry or fajitas, but we’ll see what the hubby fancies.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Hi Lexi,
    Thanks for sharing your journey :) Great post!

  2. Best of luck for your success!


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