100 Day Challenge Day 36: Back to a Good Pro Pointed Day

Yesterday I was very good on the 100 Day Challenge. After a bad day and going way over on Wednesday, I forced myself to stick to my daily pro points allowance on Thursday. With having two classes to cover and lots of work plus Health Visitor appointments in the morning, it wasn’t that hard.

Throughout the day, I made healthy choices and ended up with nine pro points left for dinner. For some that might not seem like enough, but it really was. My husband came home suggesting that we have a stir fry for dinner—just what I was thinking. I’m sure you can guess what the look on my face was like.

We don’t buy stir fry packs from the supermarket. Instead, we use the peeler to get carrot and cucumber strips and then add other vegetables like peppers and onions in. The only thing that we use from the store is the stir fry sauce, but that is a Weight Watchers one that works out at zero pro points when all three of us (my daughter ate it too) eat it. The noodles and the turkey were the only things to count, and came to 9 pro points exactly for the amount that I ate.

One thing that I did forget to count on Wednesday was the two activity pro points I earned from all the walking. Unfortunately, yesterday I didn’t even reach my goal of 4,000 steps. While I was working a lot, during the morning I was sat at the computer a lot. The walking only happened before, during and after the classes.

Today is the last day of the week and needs to be a good day. I’m a little worried about what the scales will say on Saturday but it will only be my own fault after Wednesday on the 100 Day Challenge. At least I know what I’ve done if I do gain weight. I’m hoping the worst it will be is a stay the same, though. I can deal with that.


  1. Good for you getting back on the plan so quickly. Inspirational!

  2. Hi Lexi,
    Thanks for sharing your weight loss journey :)

  3. I am glad you were able to get back on the plan. That in its self is a feat. I am glad you are not giving up.


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