The Problems with Crash Diets

Many people want to lose weight quickly. While this is possible, it’s not always the healthy option. Crash diets are on the top of people’s lists because they help them shed the pounds in weeks. The problem is they are extremely dangerous to your body; especially if you follow them for the long term.

Crash diets can help to kick start weight loss but only when done sensibly. You’ll need to check with your doctor first to make sure you’re following the right plan for your body’s health. Here are a few risks that you’ll be taking if you don’t follow them the healthy way.

While you will lose weight quickly with crash diets, you won’t keep the weight off for the long term. These weight loss plans are also known as yo-yo diets because you’ll put the weight back on just as quickly as you lose it. While you’re cutting the calories down, you’re not changing the way you eat for the long term; when you go back to eating normally, you’ll go back to your normal easting pattern.

Another problem with crash diets is the lack of nutrients that you’ll take in. Your eating plan will be extremely restrictive, so you’ll find that you can’t eat all of the healthy foods that you need. Meat and wholegrain pastas are good for you but they can be cut out completely, depending on the diet you follow. Iron and potassium deficiencies are the most common.

The diets can also damage your organs. Your heart and kidneys are among the two that suffer the most because of the carbohydrates that are needed. Also, as your body burns more calories, your muscles will be most at risk; the calories from your muscles are the most easiest to get to. Excessive crash dieting can lead to heart attacks or strokes.

Finally, you will also be putting your brain under a lot of pressure and not just physically. Losing weight quickly can take a lot out of you and it’ll have an effect on your mental health as well as your emotional one. You’ll become more irritable and possibly depressed. Also, as you focus more on your weight, there are chances that you can develop more serious eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.
If you’re overweight, then you should work to lose the pounds. Rather than focusing on how quickly you want to do it, focus on how successful and healthy you want to be in the end. Take your time to change your eating habits for the long term and not just for the short term goals. Also remember, this is just information; for medical advice, speak to your doctor.


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