100 Day Challenge Day 1: Full Day of Tracking and Healthy(ish) Choices

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Yesterday was the first day of tracking on the 100 Day Challenge, and I managed it. It shouldn’t seem so surprising, but there are times that I think it’s a waste of time when I haven’t completely tracked throughout the week. I just don’t know how many weekly points I’ve used.

What’s so different this time? Well, this blog is going to keep me accountable but I also have a fresh burst of motivation. Something has clicked in my head again. Even as a Weight Watchers leader, I have days where my motivation drops and I just wonder what the point is. Usually it’s when I’m ill or have had a very bad day. I’m recovering from a cold, but I’m on the right side of it right now.

Tracking Yesterday on the 100 Day Challenge

I tracked all my food that I ate yesterday. In the end, I ate 31 pro points worth of food. Most of my meals and snacks were healthy options. I had fruit for breakfast with a yogurt and enjoyed two sweet potatoes with tuna and sweetcorn and beans and cheese on them. Apart from the cheese, everything is filling and healthy, so I’m happy with that.

Lunch was a Weight Watchers meal, more for convenience than anything else because I needed to grab something quick between classes that I was covering. Two more weeks of this and then I get my Thursdays back—although I’m certainly not complaining about covering the classes. I genuinely enjoy my job and love doing extra classes during the week.

Tracking Today on the Challenge

So far, I’ve tracked everything I’ve eaten today. It’s been a small amount of a yogurt and two pieces of fruit, taking me to two pro points eaten.

I’m trying to keep today under control. We’re going to end up having liver because I pulled it out of the freezer yesterday, and that’s not exactly low in pro points, especially when we’ll probably have the usual potatoes with it. I might try one of the Weight Watchers new casserole stir in sauces with the liver with a lot of chopped up vegetables. I’m going to search online for some ideas to try and keep the points down.

Wiping Out My Weeklies

I’m trying not to touch my weekly pro points today because I honestly don’t know if I have any left. I don’t think I do after the weekend and Wednesday night, so I’m relying on the activity pro points that I earned. I ate five of them yesterday since I’m on 26 pro points per day, so I have three left.

This seems like the most sensible option right now. My new week starts on Saturday, so I’ll be jumping on the scales to see the damage from this week. Whether I’ve gained, lost or stayed the same, I’ll be drawing a line under it and starting again on Saturday.

How did the first day of the 100 Day Challenge go for you? Did you manage to stick to it today or have you already fallen off the wagon? Don’t worry if you have. Jump straight back on it today. Together we can do this!


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