100 Day Challenge Day 9: Disappointed Weigh In but Moving Forward

It was weigh in this morning. Considering how good I’ve been this week, I was expecting to lose. Even if it was just ½ a pound, I would have been happy. That didn’t happen, though.

I stayed the same.

Yes, stayed the same!

I looked at the scales and just thought “are you kidding me? Really?” I’ve tracked everything and stayed within my pro points allowance. I’ve done exercise and tracked it (and not eaten those pro points). I’ve been good. Very good and that’s how my body repays me. It doesn’t lose anything.
So, I took measurements of my waist and hips, just on the off chance that it was inches that I lost. Nope! Not there either. Nothing has changed from last week.

I am gutted. In fact, I’m raging!

You see, I do know how you feel when you find you don’t lose anything; when you’ve been so good and the scales just don’t tell you what you want.

It’s really easy to just pull open the biscuits and scoff them all. For me, it would have been really easy to eat the left over cookies from last night (the ones my daughter has now hidden from me/eaten them so I can’t eat them). 

But I didn’t. I’ve had my breakfast and my lunch. I’ve tracked it all and made sure that I have enough pro points for tonight’s dinner, whatever that is. Hubby is getting home late, so I’m not too sure yet.
There are a few reasons for staying the same. It may be that the last couple of weeks of poor tracking has caused it. The weight could be catching up with me. There’s also the chance that I’ve done more exercise and I’ll see the weight loss next week.

It’s not going to put me off the 100 Day Challenge. I’m going to keep going and keep tracking. I know that it will come off next week.

I’ve also got to remember that the body doesn’t lose weight when I tell it to. Every 7 days isn’t going to see a drop in the scales because there’s so much other stuff going on inside. I will just keep telling myself next week!

I finished my weekly pro points last night with a Chinese takeaway and a couple of chocolate chip cookies with my daughter. Maybe choosing to have a takeaway (even a lower pointed one) was a bad decision. Sometimes I find large meals the night before weigh in can affect things.

I’m trying not to be too disheartened. It’s the start of a new week though. I’ve got my 49 weekly pro points back and I’ll be using them wisely this week.

How has your week been? Did you lose weight this week or did you find the scales weren’t your friend? How is your 100 Day Challenge going?


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