100 Day Challenge Day 20: Back to My Daily Pro Point Allowance

Yesterday wasn’t a normal day for me on the 100 Day Challenge. It seems like none of them have recently, but yesterday was very different. My husband didn’t get home until after 11pm because he was seeing a friend from a former workplace. That meant I had to fend for myself when it came to dinner.

It wasn’t that hard, really, and it meant I could make good choices for my pro points allowance. Usually if I know my husband is going to be out, I’d order a takeaway but I ended up making cheese on toast. That’s enough for me and I really enjoyed it. Warburton Thins are my favorite right now and are great for low pro pointed bread choices. The only issue I have is my daughter loves them too and goes through them like crazy!

The decision did lead to me sticking to all my daily pro points allowance. I love when I have such a good day like that. 

I didn’t get any activity points. I wanted to walk to my daughter’s nursery but the snow has come back! Yes it’s almost May and the snow was here again! I couldn’t make her walk home in that, so I chose to drive.

I did then have plans this morning to get to the gym until my husband said that he was going into work last minute. They’ve had a girl off sick for the last three to four weeks and as her manager he needs to do a back to work session, so that meant going into work on his day off. This afternoon will be a write-off because my daughter has an appointment at the Health Centre for her 30 month check up (which she is three or four months late for).

So, I’ve just got to do as much moving around as I can in the house. I have a few tricks for that, including getting the housework done and getting up in between writing stints. Wednesday is my day off from writing, and we do have playgroup in an hour and half so that will help get some movement in.

How is your 100 Day Challenge going? Have you stuck with it? We’re a fifth of the way through now! Wow!


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