100 Day Challenge Day 21: Not the Healthiest Dinner Going but Definitely Enjoyed

Don’t you find that there are some nights that you just can’t be bothered? I’ve found a lot of that since doing the 100 Day Challenge, or maybe I’m just being made more aware of my decisions.

Wednesday nights are always hectic for us. Yesterday was more hectic than normal. We had a trip to the health centre with our daughter for some routine 30 month old tests. They took a lot longer than expected so by 4pm we were on our way back home trying to sort out the boxes I would need to take with me to work. Then all in the car by 5:30pm to get to work.

I didn’t even realize until getting there that I’d hardly eaten all day. We did go out for lunch, but I made a very healthy choice of soup. Usually I would go for a jacket potato and salad but it was so cold out that I wanted the soup to warm me up! We also shared a dessert between me and my husband to have a treat but be good with it.

After class, everything went out of the window. My husband is coming down with something (probably man flu) because he couldn’t stop shivering and he just didn’t feel up for cooking. I couldn’t be bothered after the long day that we’d had, so we went to KFC. It wasn’t the healthiest of dinner choices, but I enjoyed it all. It’s not often we have it and I do love the chicken.

The good news is that I pointed every little bit of it. So, at least I know the damage. I definitely went into my weeklies, but not as bad as I thought I would. In the end, I have 19 weekly pro points left! How good is that?

There are two days left, and I’m not pre-empting anything. Today is likely my last day of cover for classes, so I’ll be back to normal from next Thursday. Hopefully that will get me back on track a little better.

I did hear some sad news last night, though. Jean Nidetch, who founded Weight Watchers, died yesterday at the age of 91. She was such an inspiration and I’m so grateful for her starting up the company. It all started with six of them in her living room talking about their weight loss, food sins and triumphs and became what it is today. Because of that, I’ve lost 53lbs (and I’m making sure this time it is forever) and got a job that I absolutely adore. RIP Jean.

It’s a somber note to end the 100 Day Challenge post on, but one that I wanted to get out there. I know some people won’t have a clue about who she is, but her actions in 1961 really did make a difference and I’m proud to be part of the Weight Watchers family.


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