100 Day Challenge Days 7 and 8: Hectic Days and Staying Organized

I was really hoping to do an extra update yesterday in the 100 Day Challenge, but it didn’t quite work out. In the end, I was very busy with Weight Watchers classes and by the time I got home at 7pm, I just couldn’t face getting back on the computer.

But I did track. And I did make sure I planned ahead for yesterday’s busy schedule.

So, I’m doing a double update today. Both days I had daily pro points left over. And I really tried to eat them. Wednesday, I was left with 2 pro points and yesterday I was left with 3 pro points. No I can’t use them up today, despite having a hungry day today!

Staying in control with hectic schedules

It can be really hard to stay in control when out and about. It would have been so easy for me to not bother planning and eat while out. But that would mean high pointed options and feeling rubbish for the rest of the day.

I took some fruit and a couple of Weight Watchers bars with me to have while I was on the road. There was then a brief 90 minute period where I was in the house to do some paperwork, so I could have lunch inside. That really helped to keep the pro points to a minimum throughout the day. At no point did I feel deprived, either, and once I was doing the classes I didn’t even think about food.
With all the moving around on Wednesday and Thursday I earned 2 activity pro points. That’s just from basic walking around, so I’m definitely not complaining about that! It’s amazing how much you can earn just by walking around.

Enjoying a day at home

Today is the exact opposite of the last two days. I’ve got to admit that I’m struggling, and I wish I had a few extra weekly pro points left. I have 13, though, and I just know they’re going to be used tonight. I’ve already planned for a takeaway at the Chinese because my husband is away overnight and I’m having a lazy day.

Saying that, my lazy day has consisted of a 30 minute swim, and I really push myself in the pool thanks to my music. 

I’m staying positive in my 100 Day Challenge. While tonight is going to be a higher pointed day, I know that I can stay in control. And I’ve stayed in control throughout the day.

How are you finding your 100 Day Challenge? Feel free to share your ups and downs in the comments below. It’s not too late to join if you’ve not started yet, either. Today is the perfect day!


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