100 Day Challenge Days 3 and 4: Tracking Over the Weekend

It was a new start for my weekly pro point allowance this weekend. I love when Saturdays roll around, although we didn’t make the best choice for our high-pointed meal of the week. I only say that because my husband didn’t feel the best the next day. It looks like Dominos Pizza is off the menu from now on.

Saturday I did my usual, healthy choices during the day with a bit of extra chocolate and a high pro pointed dinner. In the end, I finished with only 17 weekly pro points left. But I was happy with that. It’s the usual for us, and I don’t regret it personally.

One thing that I love about Weight Watchers is that there isn’t the need for a “cheat day” as such. I can have a takeaway and still be in my pro points allowance. Next week we’re going to make a better choice for our “pig out night” as it used to be called. There’s a box of recipes that I really want to try and some of them aren’t low pro point friendly, so maybe I’ll try them.

Day five was Sunday and I did behave. The breakfast was slightly higher than it usually is during the week, but that’s another way that I’ve made Weight Watchers work for me. I enjoyed a back and egg sandwich (on a Warburtons thin) and then a yogurt afterwards. We found duck in the freezer, so we ended up making a stir-fry with that to use it up for dinner. It was absolutely delicious and full of vegetables; something we’ll definitely try again.
Duck does have extra pro points in, especially with the skin, so I ended up going three pro points into my weeklies. I did do a little over an hour in the gym though, so earned 6 activity pro points.
So, my weekend has now left me with 14 weekly pro points and I still have the six activity.

I’ve not thought about dinner yet tonight, but I am making healthy choices throughout the day. I’ll be trying very hard to make my weeklies last.

How was your weekend? Personally, I’m finding the 100 Day Challenge refreshing and it feels great to get back on track. I can’t wait to see the results next week.

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