100 Day Challenge Day 12: Some Days It Seems Easier to Cheat

There are certain days that it just seems much easier to cheat than admit that you’ve had something. Monday was just like that for me on the 100 Day Challenge. After the stressful Sunday night, I barely touched food on Monday. Like I said yesterday, when I get stressed and worried, I don’t—can’t—eat.

It didn’t have anything real to eat until Monday night when my husband got home. My body was paying for it in energy levels, but I just couldn’t stomach food. I'm not saying that that is healthy, but that is the way my body works. I know that after 29 years of being me, but I know that I can go back to a normal diet once my brain stops worrying/stressing.

When my husband did get home, he decided that he wanted to order pizza and I really wasn’t in the mood to say no. After the first slice, three others were demolished. After that were sweeties (Haribo) and some potato wedges.

It would be so easy to wipe yesterday off. I could start the 100 Day Challenge again from scratch. But no, I don’t want to waste the last 11 days that I did. So, I made the decision last night to track everything and face the damage; just like I did with Sunday.

I finished yesterday on 41 pro points. I have 19 weekly pro points left for the rest of the week and I will be clinging onto them.

Today has been much better. Having my class this morning helped to get things a little back on track and I’ve had breakfast and lunch so far. Dinner is ready to throw into the oven.

My class this morning nearly had me in tears, though! There’s been a story released today of a 21-year-old dying from taking slimming pills. One of my members opened up to say that she’d been in a coma because of diet pills, and it brought the memories for her and her family back. She’s joined Weight Watchers because it does work and it’s a healthy way to lose weight. 

It’s scary just how many chemicals they put in these slimming pills. They’re not long-term options, but Weight Watchers is.

How is your 100 Day Challenge going? Feel free to share in the comments below. If you’re blogging your way through the challenge, share the link to your post in the comments because I’d love to check it out.


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