100 Day Challenge Day 16: Life Loves to Throw Curveballs and Difficult Situations

Friday started off as a great day on the 100 Day Challenge. It was all planned out and was going as expected.

Then my husband got home!

It’s not that he’s a saboteur when it comes to weight loss. In fact, he’s been one of my biggest supporters but there are times that he doesn’t think before he gets something. Last night it was a packet of crisps (a big one) and a portion of chip shop chips.

I’m not really sure which one was worse.

Both of them meant that I blew my dailies, weeklies and activity pro points allowances. Completely blew them and ended up in minus figures.

But I still stepped onto the scales this morning. I was happy to find that I’d lost half a pound. I’ll definitely take that after last week. I’m guessing the good from the week before caught up to me and helped to balance it out.

This week I promise to be good. Very good.

It’s a new start for my weekly pro points and I will be getting to the gym tomorrow. That’s a top priority for me this week.

After I weighed myself, I had a Weight Watchers class to cover. It was different to normal, but turned out to be a really good and very busy class. Next week should be my last week of cover. I’m saying this every week at the moment, but it should be. While I love my job, I will be looking forward to getting back into my old routine. It will mean very little work to do on a Saturday.

How was your Friday on the 100 Day Challenge? I hope it was better than mine! One thing I can say is that at least I tracked and I know the damage.


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