100 Day Challenge Days 10 and 11: A Very Difficult Weekend

It's time for my update on days 10 and 11 on the 100 Day Challenge.

This weekend has not been the easiest for very personal reasons. I’m not going to go into them, but I will admit that tracking started to fall by the wayside on Sunday night. But I got up this morning and made sure everything was tracked to see just how much damage I did.

Sometimes life gets in the way, and Sunday night led to a few alcoholic drinks more than normal. When I get stressed I don’t really eat, but I do drink.

The good thing was that I’d been good all the way up to that point. We went to Toby Carvery and I opted for the salad rather than the roast. My Weight Watchers eating out guide tells me that it should have been 28 pro points but I just cannot understand how. The roast pork was 11 pro points and the only other thing that I ate that had pro points in it was an egg, so I’ve tracked it at 12 pro points (I only had half the egg because my daughter decided she wanted the other half and I don’t refuse her healthy food).

We did have dessert afterwards, and I chose the apple crumble without much thought for the pro points values. It’s okay though because I knew I had my weeklies available after not doing anything big on Saturday night. In the end, I was surprised to find out that the dessert was only 13 pro points. I can accept that for such a delicious dessert.

After calculating it all, I realized that I had 34 pro points yesterday. The Toby Carvery was a late lunch/early dinner, so I only really had two meals. It helped to curtail some of the damage that I did with the alcohol.

I’m happy with the ending now pro points wise. I didn’t decide to eat my annoyance with the weigh in on Saturday, and stuck to my daily pro points on that day.

I hope your weekends were a lot better than mine. The 100 Day Challenge was very difficult for me to stick to yesterday but I’m proud to say that I did it. Sometimes life gets in the way and it would have been very easy for me to ignore it all happened. But I’ve tracked, drawn a line in the sand and gotten straight back onto it today. I will not be beaten.


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