100 Day Challenge Day 19: Getting Rid of the Chocolate Dessert

That chocolate dessert that I included in yesterday’s 100 Day Challenge post was calling out to me. And I’m really sorry that I forgot to take a photo of it before it was finished off...

No, it wasn’t finished off by me. My husband got home and wanted some, but felt guilty that I wasn’t going to eat it. In the end, I told him that it needed to go so he looked at me with big eyes asking to finish it off. There was almost half a dessert left and he ate the whole lot! 

But it’s gone!
It won’t call out to me now. The next time I make that, I’ll do it when there are more people in so they can finish it off for me.

In the end, I went a little over my daily pro points allowance. I had to have two of my weekly pro points allowance because of the decision to have the roast dinner we were supposed to have Sunday (the pork didn’t defrost in time). It was worth it, though, and I’m happy that I’ve got 31 weekly pro points left for the rest of the week.

This week, I’m trying to be a lot stricter with myself. I need to start getting this weight off because I’m fed up of not being at my goal. I’m 5lbs over at the moment. It may not seem like a lot, but for me it’s important to lose it. It’s all about feeling good in ourselves.

There was a post on a Weight Watchers Facebook group I’m on. It’s all supposed to be about support, but one of the more larger ladies was ranting that there were people who were 10 stone complaining about struggling. There were a few things that I wanted to say, but I decided to hold my tongue. Others had said it for me. I’ll say it here instead.

1.       Just because someone is 10 stone doesn’t mean they’re not overweight. It’s relative to height. Someone who is 10 stone may be only 5 feet tall, so will be overweight, just like someone who is 6 feet tall is overweight at 15 stone.

2.       It’s about feeling good. Someone who is 10 stone may not fit in the clothes they did last year. They want to get back into those and need the support just as much as everyone else.

Weight loss is hard enough as it is. It’s not about these quick fix diets or just simply changing what you eat. It’s about increasing activity and getting support from others. I’ve been really lucky in having a husband who is exceptionally supportive and helped me lose the 53lbs I needed to get to goal. I know a lot of people who don’t have that.

That’s what Weight Watchers is for. The support in the class is amazing—I found it as a member and I see it as a leader. There are people who stick with it just because they have found others in a meeting to keep them accountable and help them along their way.

So, as part of my 100 Day Challenge post, I want to encourage everyone to be supportive of others on a weight loss journey. Whether you have 10lbs to lose or 100lbs to lose, support is important.


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