Weekly Weight Loss Week 29

This week I lost 1lb! I reached my goal to get under the stone bracket!

I am now into the 11stone area but still have some way to go. I also have 1.5lbs to go to get to my next Silver 7, which I should get over the next two weeks.

What Did I Do This Week?

Everything I did last week and the week before and the week before that and...I'm sure you're getting the picture. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

I didn't do as much activity as I wanted but I did eat well. In fact, we got to Sunday and realised that I could have a takeaway!

What Will I Do This Week?

I'm still tracking this week and going to work on my activity at the moment. So far, I've got 1 activity point after walking to my meeting and back last night. I was hoping to get a few more today by doing some Zumba but Kathryn hasn't gone for long enough naps to get everything done.

I really want to get that 1.5lb this week so I'm definitely going to up the activity to try.

Raspberry Ketones

Have you ever heard of raspberry ketones? I'm trialling them to see how good they are. They're supposed to be good for boosting the metabolism, giving more energy and offering antioxidants. So far, I haven't felt more energy but we'll see how it goes over the week.

If I get any positive views with weight loss, I'll definitely share them.

How is your weight loss going? Don't be shy and share your goals and weekly weigh-ins.


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