Jenny Craig Review: Will It Help You Lose Weight?

Jenny Craig is a popular weight loss program. I haven’t tried it but I know people who have and have had positive experiences with it. Of course, it’s worth noting before getting into this Jenny Craig review that everyone is different. I follow Weight Watchers because I know it works for me but that doesn’t mean it will be successful for you.

Don’t know how Jenny Craig works? Here is a comprehensive Jenny Craig review to help you determine if it is right for you. This review not only covers the weight loss plan and how good it is but whether it is the most cost effective method.

All Your Meals Planned for You

One of the biggest benefits that people find with Jenny Craig is that you don’t have to do much in the way of making choices. For your monthly fee of £308, you receive all your meals through the post. The only things you have to buy on top of that is fruit and vegetables. By eliminating the choice, there is less risk of going off the plan. You can still go out and enjoy yourself but it is much easier for some than other weight loss plans.

The downside I find with the cost is that £308 per month is a lot on top of my family’s shopping. There are three of us in the house (one a baby) and my partner cooks meals that are perfect for the two of us. The total cost of food would be much higher than it currently is – I think we currently spend about £400-£500 per month with the baby stuff included.

I think this is great for a single person before the £308 is more than just food but at the moment I only spend just over £21 per month for everything but the food for Weight Watchers.

On-going Support from a Personal Consultant
Get help with food. Image by ninahale

There are no weekly weigh-in meetings with Jenny Craig. Instead, you have access to a personal consultant. You will receive a phone call once a week to help you stay on track and go over your goals and your weight loss tactics. This is similar to other plans where you see a leader on a weekly basis. Your personal consultant has been through the Jenny Craig program and knows exactly what you are going through.

There are no weekly meetings, which I find to be a disadvantage. One of the biggest benefits of doing Weight Watchers is the support through the other members. I’ve made friends with others who are losing weight and picked up tactics from them – and vice versa – and it only takes 30 minutes from my day, which is hardly anything! That support is more than worth the £21 per month that I pay.

You Get the Full Kit to Help With Weight Loss

Something this Jenny Craig review needs to cover is the full kit that you get. Along with the food and support, there is a ring binder to help you get started with the diet plan and a meal plan that has been designed by a dietician, with your needs in mind. This is a great benefit since your goals are taken into account, along with dietary needs and current weight. Someone who has a lot to lose will often need more help than someone with less than a stone to go. This is something many other weight loss plans are unable to offer – many offer a one-size-fits-all plan.

You also receive a shopping guide for the supermarket and measuring cups to help get you started. When I joined Weight Watchers, I had to buy much of the extras. I got the details of the plan and that was it. That was great for me since I was able to create something that fit my lifestyle but isn’t the best for all.

How Much Weight Do You Lose on Jenny Craig?

An important part of any Jenny Craig review is covering the amount of weight you will lose. It’s a question on everyone’s mind. This is a healthy weight loss plan. The meals are developed so that you lose weight slowly and keep it off. This is one of the reasons I recommend it for those who find it cost effective.

You will lose between 1lb and 2lb per week on average. Yes, there will be weeks that you ‘only’ lose 1/2lb and there will be the odd week you lose more than 2lb (especially when you start) but on average you won’t lose more than 2lb. If you’re looking to lose weight quickly, you’ll need to find another plan but that won’t help you keep the weight off in the long term!

So, is Jenny Craig for you? It is a good plan and I know that it works for people. One thing that I don’t like is the cost because of having a family. The one reason I choose not to follow it is because it won’t work out cost effective for me but that doesn’t mean that it won’t for you.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten the answers you are looking for with this Jenny Craig review. If not, let me know and I’ll do more research for you! Good luck with your weight loss journey.


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