Treat Yourself When You Reach Your Weight Loss Milestones: Ideas to Celebrate Your Weight Loss Goals

Losing weight takes time and it’s easy to lose motivation. Goals will help to prevent this.

I recommend setting small goals along the way so that you can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But, you also need to celebrate them as they pass.

When people think about celebrating, one of the first things they think of is food. They want to treat themselves to a buffet for a job well done but this just leads to gaining weight and ruining all the hard work.

Here are my favourite ways to celebrate when I reach my milestones.

Put a Pound Away for Each Pound Lost

Whenever I lose a pound in weight, I put a pound in cash in a piggy bank. So far I’ve lost 32.5 pounds but there’s £34 in my piggy bank because I put on weight on two occasions so had to lose the weight again.

This is a great physical way to see the weight being lost and motivates me to keep going. The money is being saved to treat myself once I reach my final goal – whenever that may be.

I know some people who have two jars. One is full of stones indicating the amount they need to lose and then they have the second one to move the stones as they lose the weight – one stone per half a pound. The problem with this is knowing how much you need to lose in total and I don’t know that yet!

Small Gifts for the Smaller Milestones

I set small milestones along the weight – my half stone milestones. Whenever I reach one, I will buy myself something, like a small lipstick or other piece of makeup or a small piece of jewellery.

Celebrating these small milestones helps me really cement that they’ve happened. I’m less likely to put the weight back on (and I don’t get another treat if I do put weight on and lose it again!)

Larger Gifts for the Bigger Milestones

When I reached my 5% and 10%,I bought myself books to read – since I really like doing this. Books tend to be a little more expensive than the smaller items but last much longer so work as a bigger gift for me.

Your 5% and 10% are major goals. They’re when you really benefit health-wise so are worth making a big deal of when you lose weight. I’ve also worked out my 15%, 25% etc. so will celebrate in bigger ways when I reach them.

That Final Goal Celebration

When you do reach your final goal weight, celebrate in style. I’ve already got my money earmarked for a new dress so I can find a babysitter for the wee one and celebrate in style with my husband. It will involve some food and drink but I won’t blow my hard work – the dress and showing off my new figure is the treat.

You don’t need food to celebrate. Find something that works for you so you show off your new figure and acknowledge the smaller goals along the way.

Good luck with your weight loss journey!


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